How Cointreau's website got a digital makeover

Knock, knock, it’s cocktail o’clock! The French liqueur brand Cointreau approached SQLI to revamp their website with a new visual ID and make it more flexible for local content creators. The result is a brand new front-end and back-end that is easy to use by unskilled Drupal Users. Before we drink to that, let’s explain what we did.

A bottle of Cointreau

Cheers to Cointreau 

You might remember Cointreau as the bottle in your grandparents’ cupboard. Times have changed! The liqueur brand is getting rid of its old-fashioned and traditional image and targeting a younger audience. The aim is to inspire that audience with cocktail recipes from all over the world. That’s why their digital strategy, UX, UI and search engine optimisation have to be on point. SQLI to the rescue!

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adapt in a few clicks

Better, faster, stronger (and easier)! 

We were approached by Cointreau to create a new digital brand identity and roll it out in a new international website. Another aim was to ease the content management for local marketing teams in each markets. Our Drupal 8 experts created a full new editing approach allowing copywriters to create paging by assembling blocks of text, images, videos, forms with a full set of layout properties. They made it even possible to add a content block directly on the front-end. Plus, we made it possible for the local editors to adapt (content in) blocks in just a few clicks. 

A preview of the Cointreau's cocktail wizard on an iPad and mobile phone made by SQLI

fresher and trendy

Additionally, we developed a content distribution platform that allows the different local markets to easily copy or translate the content made by the international page. As usual, with as few thresholds as possible and the best user-friendliness for the local content creators. 

We used this opportunity as well to extend the new visual ID of Cointreau to the website. The result is a fresher and more trendy look and feel of the front- and backend. And to top this all off, in order to improve the SEO quality, we analysed & speed up the overall site performance

  • + 100% SEO traffic
  • 11 active markets (USA, China, Japan, UK...)
  • + 40% Visit duration

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