A shinny traffic campaign for Baunat!

Baunat offers fine diamond jewellery and engagement rings online. Made in the diamond capital of the world: Antwerp. Thanks to its unique way of working, Baunat can guarantee the best prices. They focus on online sales and efficient stock management. Moreover, they buy their diamonds at the source. And that’s the difference Baunat makes.

Our approach 

In our proposed campaign, we target men that are celebrating special occasions in the near future. Think: a fifth anniversary, birthday, Mother’s Day -- an occasion that deserves a unique jewel. An occasion like this is mostly celebrated with a necklace or bracelet, as the receivers already have that special ring on their finger. The challenge? Finding the right angle to approach the target audience and convincing those men to buy at Baunat.

Lets perform!

We opted for an inspiring and more importantly, practical approach. Men generally look for straightforward information, so we show them why they should order at Baunat with facts their rational minds need in order to be convinced. They want to see a beautiful woman wear the jewellery to envision it on their wife, but moreover, they want to know how fast it’ll be delivered, why it has such a good price, how much guarantee they have, if they can return it easily, and so on. In Belgium we created a funnel, in the other countries we only launched dynamic product ads. Why? We wanted to prove to the client that funnels are the better approach to generate sales.

So, let’s dive into the Belgian case. After creating the right audiences, we first targeted them with an awareness video on Meta. We played with inspiring images of a woman wearing Baunat jewellery, in combination with important, more general USP’s telling more about the brand. The people who watched the video ad or interacted with our ads were retargeted with an instant experience. This time we showed more of the collection, and some practical, more detailed USPs. Again, everyone who engaged with the instant experience was retargeted in a conversion wave in which we showed two different carrousels, one about the bracelets and one about the necklaces. Both with a good balance between inspiring images and more detailed USPs that could get them over the line to buy. In the last wave, we retargeted people who didn’t buy yet (but are very interested as they were looking on the Baunat website already) with dynamic ads. We showed them the jewellery that fits their search, convincing them to buy in this last phase.

At a glance

True friends are like diamonds, and as it appears, our audiences turned out to be really good friends! With a return on ad spend of 8 on Meta - taking into account it’s not easy to reach a good ROAS in the luxury department - we are proud of the results. We also wanted to prove our funnel approach would generate more sales than simple dynamic product ads, and we did! Even though sales were still good for the other countries, they #kickedsomeass in Belgium. We ROCK!

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