A shinny traffic campaign for Baunat!

Baunat is an online retailer of beautiful diamond jewelry and engagement rings. Made in Antwerp, the world's diamond capital. Baunat can offer the finest costs due to its unique operating method. They concentrate on internet sales and inventory management. Furthermore, they purchase diamonds directly from the mine. That is the distinction that Baunat makes.

Our approach 

Our planned campaign is aimed at men who will be commemorating major milestones in the near future. Consider a fifth wedding anniversary, a birthday, or Mother's Day — all occasions that call for a one-of-a-kind gift. Because the recipients already have that particular ring on their finger, an occasion like this is usually commemorated with a necklace or bracelet. The challenge? Finding the correct angle to contact the target demographic and persuade those individuals to purchase from Baunat.

Lets perform!

We chose a strategy that was both inspiring and, more importantly, practical. Men prefer plain information, therefore we show them why they should order at Baunat by providing them with the facts their reasonable brains require to be persuaded. They want to see a beautiful woman wearing the jewelry so they can imagine it on their wife, but they also want to know how quickly it will be delivered, why it is so cheap, how much guarantee they have, if they can simply return it, and so on. We established a funnel in Belgium, but only released dynamic product ads in the other countries. Why? We wanted to show the client that using sales funnels is the better way to go. So, let's have a look at the Belgian situation. After identifying the right audiences, we used Facebook and Instagram to reach out to them with an awareness video. We combined compelling photographs of a woman wearing Baunat jewelry with more generic USPs that spoke more about the company. People who saw the video ad or interacted with our advertisements were immediately retargeted with a new experience. We displayed more of the collection this time, as well as some practical, more comprehensive USPs. Everyone who interacted with the instant experience was retargeted in a conversion wave that featured two separate carrousels, one for bracelets and the other for necklaces. Both have a solid blend of enticing images and more comprehensive USPs that may persuade consumers to purchase. We used dynamic advertisements to retarget those who hadn't bought yet (but were really interested because they were already on the Baunat website) in the previous wave. We showed them the jewelry that matched their criteria and persuaded them to buy in the last round.

At a glance

True friends are like diamonds, and it appears that our audience members have proven to be excellent friends! We are pleased with the results, which include an 8 return on ad expenditure on Facebook and Instagram, despite the fact that achieving a decent ROAS in the luxury sector is difficult. We also intended to show that our funnel method would create more sales than simple dynamic product advertisements, which we were able to do. Even if sales in other nations were still good, they #kickedsomeass in Belgium. We ROCK!

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