Deployment of Design Sprint

Cdiscount innovates more efficiently and quickly thanks to the Design Sprint methodology.


As the leader in a hyper-competitive market in constant change, Cdiscount is constantly reinventing and developing its offers.

Innovating more efficiently and more quickly having become a crucial issue, the leading French e-merchant has trusted SQLI with the deployment of an operational response in this area, Design Sprint.

The Design Sprint methodology will be deployed across all IT and business departments.


To face increased competition, Cdiscount wanted to increase accessibility and enrich an existing B2B service offer. The challenge was to imagine the solution in a concrete and efficient way by involving both the business and IT teams.

In order to meet this challenge, Cdiscount asked SQLI to help them introduce the Design Sprint, an ideal methodology in this context.

At the same time as the B2B platform project, Cdiscount wanted to overhaul its Seller Zone, the interface dedicated to its marketplace salespeople. Here, salespeople can create and manage their product catalogue, track orders, as well as carry out customer service and the analytical and financial monitoring of sales.

The SQLI team conducted two design sprints to help Cdiscount completely rethink the two critical paths.



The success of these collaborations convinced Cdiscount of the effectiveness and perfect adequacy of the Design Sprint methodology with its major needs.

This programme will start during the summer with the detection and qualification of 9 priority subjects, both in terms of business and internal organisation. This will be followed by training courses and a series of Design Sprints, in line with the innovative initiatives of the French e-commerce leader.