On the road to digital

SEB wanted to build an e-commerce system to serve the user experience while enhancing product branding. Combined with a continuous innovation policy, this strategy responds to the group's desire to create a privileged relationship with customers, as well as its distribution network.


The SEB group, world leader in small household appliances and a multi-specialist, has a portfolio of more than thirty brands (including the iconic Moulinex, Rowenta, Calor, SEB, Tefal, Krups and Lagostina).

The group wanted to make the transition to digital in order to meet the expectations of consumers and retain its leadership position.


Multiple challenges for Groupe SEB

  • Create a strategy to optimise its digital presence
  • Deploy the e-commerce platform internationally
  • Enrich the consumer experience and comply with GDPR
  • Increase the attractiveness of both the brand and the employer brand
  • Attract tomorrow's talents: a key success factor


A consumer and internationally-oriented digital strategy

One of the main tasks carried out by SQLI and WAX was to deploy high-performing and scalable e-commerce platforms with a customer-centric approach.


Mastery of the SAP Customer Experience basis combined with the digital marketing expertise of SQLI, enabled the design of a digital platform for the Moulinex brand.


This platform makes it possible for consumers to express their creativity in the kitchen and reinvent the way they eat according to their desires, the season, their cooking skills, and the time and appliances they have available.

Adaptation for all brands

Based on this success, SQLI is adapting this strategy for all the other brands, with the aim of offering unique experiences for consumers.


Recently, the Rowenta and Krups websites have been deployed internationally. In order to support this technical achievement, SQLI provided consultancy and integration services for the brand concept and content creation.


SQLI also coordinated the first country-wide deployments, managed content production for each country and conducted quality reviews.In addition, the employer brand was enhanced by communication experts, who defined an editorial and graphical tone, based on people, humour and authenticity.


A relationship of trust has been established between Groupe SEB and SQLI for more than 6 years. The collaboration is growing and does not stop at the development of e-commerce sites.

SEB’s qualified leads from branded sites are increasing sharply as well as direct sales of accessories, which reinforces SEB’s leading position on the market.

“SQLI has extremely strong assets thanks to its technical expertise on SAP and on the other hand thanks to the design team which allows us to address UX. Thanks to this transversality, SQLI has become a partner of first choice. From now on, we focus on meeting the needs of our consumers throughout their “consumer journey” with a specific value proposition per brand. The platform is deployed on 60 sites in more than 40 countries. It is an industrial scale deployment with a constant acceleration!“

Serge Miard, Digital Marketing Director, Groupe SEB.