Multi-brand web platform

Complete redesign of the Jøtul multi-brand website and implementation of a common PIM for the 40 countries where Jøtul operates.


Jøtul, a Norwegian manufacturer of cast iron stoves and fireplaces, is a market leader. Established in 40 countries, it markets its products under the brands Jøtul, Scan, ILD and Atra, via its retailer network.

Possessing only a platform that delivered corporate messages, Jøtul wanted to turn its attention more to its end customers, by offering them an enhanced experience, while generating more leads via its distributors.

SQLI was chosen to be the partner for the full overhaul of its platform and the setup of a PIM, cornerstones of the acceleration of its digital strategy.


Creating a new digital experience focused on both customers and distributors.

Until now, Jøtul had a web platform linked to a constellation of websites for each brand (Jøtul, Scan, ILD and Atra) and each country. This platform presented two major inconveniences:

  • A proprietary CMS that is hard to maintain and reaching the limits of it potential
  • An initial focus more on brand image than lead generation, a key retailer requirement

So the Norwegian manufacturer needed to transform its platform to focus it on lead generation, by adopting the web-to-store journey approach and attracting more users


A single platform and a common PIM to bring together 40 sites

Conceived as a genuine common core across all countries and brands, the new platform is modular enough to be tailored to meet their specific needs.


SQLI suggested the CMS Drupal as the unique platform to allow every country and every brand to customise their site’s graphics but also make management of catalogues using the Drupal Commerce module easier.


This choice also allows native connection of the platform to flows from third-party systems such as the PIM.

The PIM set up is based on the solution inRiver, and provides more effective management of the data produced in the 40 countries where Jøtul operates.


While previously each country managed its product data separately, the PIM solution makes it possible to centralise all data and save a significant amount of time with data processing and publication in the various languages required.


As the web platform’s hosting is organised by geographical zone, and with the continuous deployment and ramping up of sites in mind, the team opted for a Cloud solution: Amazon Web Services.In order to ensure the visibility of the new websites and their compliance with the GDPR, the transformation was accompanied by assistance in the area of SEO and personal data management throughout European markets.

UX Design, the key to a successful user experience

SQLI organised a series of buyer interviews and visited several points of sale on three key markets to boost its understanding of user behaviour and needs.


Following this qualification process, the team recommended adding a store locator and quote request feature but alsoproducing editorial content showcasing storytelling and customer testimonials.


Increased user assistance, i.e. product use articles, was also proposed.


A successful solution

Following deployment of the French and Norwegian websites in 2019, more than 40 websites were created, including the first websites for the brand Scan recently.

The retailers, both in France and other countries, like the new websites, thanks to their visual appeal and redesigned UX.

“Fifteen days after the launch of the French site, we broke the record for the number of visitors during the months of October and November 2019, compared to previous years. We also noticed from the first month several hundred calls made to our resellers by Internet users who clicked on the telephone numbers set up on the site, which was very positive.“

Guy-Cédric Galea,CEO, Jøtul France