Geev accelerates its project with the SQLI Ideathon

SQLI launches the first edition of its Ideathon

SQLI, which as a group is dedicated to digital experience, is aware of contemporary social and environmental issues and is launching a unique partnership with the French start-up Geev for its Ideathon, which will be held on 31 March 2020 at Halle Héméra, a special start-up centre in Bordeaux.

The SQLI Ideathon: one day to bring an idea to life!

The SQLI Ideathon is a day to imagine and give shape to a sustainable future. The aim: accelerating one of Geev’s new projects in a limited amount of time. To hit this goal, SQLI will work with participants from complementary backgrounds (non-profits, businesses, freelance UX/UI consultants and students) who, using Design Thinking methods, will take up the challenge set by the start-up. Several SQLI digital transformation coaches and consultants will work side-by-side with participants all day.

The first participants confirmed for this event are students from Ynov digital business school. 

Geev, France’s first P2P goods and food donation application


Launched in April 2017, Geev is a P2P goods and food donation and collection application, offering answers to the crucial questions of how to combat all forms of waste, including food waste, and strengthen social ties. With more than 1.8 million users and already more than 2.7 million donations since its launch, this simple and fun service has managed to attract a diverse audience. In just a few months, the Geev application has become a genuine alternative to selling, unnecessary storage, and waste. The start-up is convinced that it is possible to improve consumption patterns, provided we have the right tools at hand.

For Hakim Baka, Geev co-founder: “We’re determined to make GEEV an essential service in France and internationally, and are really enthusiastic about the idea of taking part in the Ideathon. The thought of being supported by SQLI’s specialists has really got us fired up! We’re also very interested in working with participants from different backgrounds that are keen to contribute to solving this genuine societal issue. ” 

A new and worthwhile event

The advantage of the Design Thinking approach is to be able to imagine sustainable, innovative and economically-viable solutions, while also being focused on user practices. With the Ideathon, SQLI wants to take things further by adding an ecological and social dimension to the Design Thinking approach.

Stephen Demange, SQLI Consulting Director, explains: “Geev and SQLI share the same values and the same ambition to reconcile digital innovation and reduction of our economy’s ecological footprint. Our common goal with this Ideathon is to imagine a practical and viable solution to combat waste and food insecurity. This is what drives our commitment and investment. All SQLI’s staff are very proud of this project. ” 

With this event, Geev will benefit from:

  • Practical ideas to take up its challenge, in the form of a prototype tested by users under real-life conditions;
  • A network of participants offering a range of expertise (digital consulting, marketing, technology, UX/UI, etc.);
  • Increased visibility via the communication campaigns organised for the event.
SQLI is inviting all the Ideathon stakeholders to Bordeaux’s Halle Héméra hypercentre, an emblematic entrepreneurial venue, on 31 March.