Ethics & Compliance

The ethics of the SQLI Group are expressed through fundamental principles, which are intended to guide the working behaviors of all personnel: responsibility, integrity, respect for others, objectivity, loyalty and trust.

These principles are an extension of the Group’s values, which are:

  • "Commitment": being committed to all our projects. Engaging with our customers. Getting involved.
  • “A creative spirit”: being creative, sometimes a forerunner, always inventive, curious, open and connected to everyone.
  • “Forward thinking”: anticipating. Going the extra mile. Being ahead of the curve. Experience in support of boldness. Daring.
Download SQLI code of conduct

By formalising and reaffirming these principles already known and respected within the Group, the Code of Conduct is part of a broader approach and serves to strengthen them.

Our Code of Conduct expresses our respect for the law and people, as well as our responsibilities towards our customers and other Group stakeholders. It is the foundation of our ethical culture.

The performance objective cannot justify a breach of the rules indicated in this Code under any circumstances.

The Code presents the guidelines defining the expected behaviour of employees/corporate officers as well as the systems for identifying and remedying any conduct problems.

Download SQLI Ethics Committee’s internal rules