Ethics & Code of Conduct

At SQLI, good business starts with our commitment to high ethical standards.

These standards guide the working behaviours of our employees and empowers them to make good decisions that build trust and credibility with one another, our customers and business partners.

Our ethical standards are founded on six core principles: responsibility, integrity, respect for others, objectivity, loyalty and trust. These are an extension of the Group’s culture and values, which are:

  • "Commitment": Commitment to all our projects. Engaging with our customers. Getting involved.
  • “A creative spirit”: being creative, sometimes a forerunner, always inventive, curious, open and connected to everyone.
  • “Forward thinking”: Anticipating. Going the extra mile. Being ahead of the curve. Experience in support of boldness. Daring.
Download SQLI code of conduct

SQLI’s Code of Conduct

SQLI’s Code of Conduct reflects our promise to always do the right thing. It outlines the principles, for which we are fully accountable, that guide our interactions with employees, partners, customers, stakeholders and the wider community.

Download SQLI Ethics Committee’s internal rules