Radiance Mutuelle

A website to boost visibility

Context and challenges

The Radiance Mutuelle website was designed by SQLI in order to promote the company's profile and increase lead generation.

Radiance Mutuelle, a regional brand of the Malakoff Humanis group, had minimal online visibility until recently, appearing only on the Malakoff Humanis group's website among the other brands.

Radiance Mutuelle sought to assert its online presence in the face of rising competition.

Radiance Mutuelle's problem is to be able to address three aims while prioritizing people.


SQLI has completed a large UX design work to address private individuals in addition to the Drupal 8 base deployment. A reflection finished this job, allowing secondary targets to be addressed by different levers. SQLI also supplied SEO support and designed the site's graphic universe, which included the Malakoff Humanis group's brand identity and design system.

The project, which began at the beginnings of the Covid-19 crisis, was entirely managed remotely using Microsoft Teams. The difficulty was met thanks to the rigor of the Agile process, which SQLI taught to Radiance Mutuelle's stakeholders.


Radiance Mutuelle's personnel were able to observe the first convincing results as early as September 2020, following the site's launch in July 2020. When compared to the Group's website, the number of online quotes has doubled, and the website has evolved into a true gateway to all channels: the mutual's marketing team discovered that the "Contact your branch" and "Find your branch" pages were the most popular. As a result, the goal of a path to the physical agency has been achieved.


“SQLI very quickly understood our needs and was able to add value to go beyond our vision. The remote collaboration proved to be effective thanks to SQLI’s great mastery of the Agile method and the governance it has put in place.“


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