Carrefour Assurance

A phygital platform to boost subscriptions

Context and challenges

Carrefour Assurance is a distributor and aggregator of insurance goods and is a subsidiary of the Carrefour business, which pioneered the hypermarket concept (home, car, multi-person, school, dog and cat).

Carrefour Assurance marketed its products in branches, over the phone, and through comparison sites in 2017. Carrefour Assurance wants to create its own website and rethink its underwriting processes in order to boost its market position and deliver a holistic experience for its consumers.

Carrefour Assurance's goal is to attract new customers and change the way they shop.


SQLI's teams have created underwriting tunnels for a variety of insurance products using a white label technique (home, car, multi-person, school, dog and cat). User testing were also undertaken in order to simplify and optimize the various underwriting processes as much as possible.

Ibexa's eZ Platform Content Management System (CMS) has also been added to the system. The goal is to drive traffic to the site by providing online value-added content on the most important aspects of insurance products (housing, pets, etc.).


The new site, which was launched in June 2018, now receives the bulk of subscriptions, while the store-to-web approach, which was introduced at the start of the 2018–2019 school year, has increased the sale of subscription cards, with more than 80% of them being activated online. As a result, sales of school insurance soared by 65 percent in 2018. 90% of school insurance contracts are now obtained through courses that include one or more physical and digital contact points.


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