Pierre Fabre

New recruitment journey to clinical tests

Context and challenges

Before a dermo-cosmetic product is marketed, it is evaluated by Pierre Fabre Laboratories' Skin Research Centre. Its diverse staff of 70 personnel plans, executes, and oversees an average of 700 clinical investigations per year on a panel of more than 5,000 volunteers, the majority of whom are recruited through a platform that no longer meets online standards.

Following the overhaul of its website, the Pierre Fabre Group asked SQLI to rethink another of its digital platforms, this time for clinical test applications.


Based on its proposal and competence in mobility, web solutions, UX/UI, and analytics, the SQLI Group was chosen to work on this complete program.

To carry out collaborative, and thus optimized, development of the Android and iOS versions, a React Native framework was deployed. SQLI also set up web services, allowing the app to access data from the website server.

The effectiveness of the methodology adopted, as well as that of the operational and managerial teams, was clearly proved during the app's production phase.

Additionally, SQLI has been selected for the website's Third-Party Application Maintenance (TPAM), and new physical exercises will be demonstrated using video content created by SQLI's digital teams.


The platform, which went live at the end of 2019, makes it easier for volunteers to find their way around, and the team at the Centre de Recherche sur la Peau (Skin Research Centre) will be able to better accompany each of them.


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