Deployment of Design Sprint


Context and challenges

Cdiscount, as the industry leader in a hyper-competitive, ever-changing business, is continually innovating and developing its offerings.

With the need to innovate more efficiently and swiftly becoming a critical issue, the top French e-merchant entrusted SQLI to find and deploy a practical solution in the form of Design Sprint.


Faced with rising competition, Cdiscount sought to improve accessibility and expand its B2B service offering. By incorporating both the business and IT teams, the goal was to envisage the solution in a real and efficient manner.

SQLI introduced Design Sprint, the best technique in this situation, to solve this difficulty.

Cdiscount sought to revamp its Seller Zone, the interface dedicated to its marketplace salespeople, at the same time as the B2B platform project. Salespeople can use this tool to generate and manage their product catalogs, track orders, and provide customer service as well as analytical and financial sales monitoring.

Two design sprints were held by the SQLI team to fully reimagine the two most crucial paths.

In close coordination with SQLI, the Design Sprint methodology will be implemented across both IT and business areas.


The success of these engagements convinced Cdiscount of the Design Sprint methodology's efficiency and perfect fit with its primary strategic needs.

During the summer, this program will begin with the identification and qualification of nine priority themes in terms of business and internal organization. Following that, training courses and a series of Design Sprints will be held in keeping with the French e-commerce leader's innovative objectives.


“SQLI was able to provide us with its mastery and expertise in methodology. The first Design Sprint that we conducted together acted as a tremendous accelerator. Their future support on several other Design Sprints will enable us to gain in autonomy and to be able to carry them out ourselves afterwards.“

ALEXANDRE DAUBER, New activities projects Director, CDISCOUNT

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