When couture meets website

Designing a website for one of Belgium’s top designers: that’s a challenge we like! Combining technical Drupal know-how with inventive design we created a website Natan can be proud of.

Screenshots from webpage Natan

Natan Who?

Natan is one of the most famous fashion houses in Belgium, founded by Edouard Vermeulen and mostly known for its royal clients like Queen Mathilde of Belgium or Queen Maxima of The Netherlands. Situated in the heart of Brussels, their brand likes to present elegance with a certain nonchalance, with an eye for clear lines.

Why a new website?

Despite Couture products being the brand ambassadors, most of the sales come from the ready-to-wear collection and the 8 shops in Belgium. Natan asked us to create a website with a new brand identity, allowing them to present both the Couture collection and the ready-to-wear collection in order to generate sales thanks to an online e-commerce experience. To realize this, we pitched a custom-made Drupal website, with a seamless Shopify integration.

The e-commerce experience for your brand?


We have been very proud and excited to launch a stunning and visually exciting website that is:

Easy to navigate for the internet user/online shopper to explore what Natan has to offer. Using long pages, dotted with high-end visuals, lookbooks and photographs, it becomes a piece of crepe to browse through every new collection. But if you would like to focus your search for a new dress or coat, there is a very extensive filter system in place to help you out. With a wish list you can keep track of pieces you like or buy them immediately through the e-commerce platform.

Easy to navigate for the Natan employee to add even more nice items or carry out changes. Flexibility was key in the scope for this project. The system meets this need for flexibility because of the use of various blocks on each page. Changes can be made with one click of a button and can be reviewed immediately whilst making the changes. A user-friendly approach, which leaves more time to process all those incoming orders.

Creating an aesthetically pleasing platform to not only display and increase brand identity, also means that brand awareness can be created and translated easily into other media. Furthermore, thanks to the Drupal system that was put in place, and the corresponding Shopify integration, this website is built for the future: updates to a newer version and/or e-commerce platform should be easier than ever.

A result to put on the cover of Vogue

One week after going live, the e-commerce website generated more sales than the previous one did during one full year. And just like Nathan’s creations, the website must be good-looking because the visit duration has more than doubled. We’re so ready for the catwalk! Ready-to-have a look for yourself?

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