a digital football campaign for pizza hut

Pizza Hut

Football and pizza, a match made in digital heaven

This client needs no introduction. Pizza Hut is an American restaurant chain that serves, of course, pizzas. We’ve been working with them for 4 years now, and every year we receive a briefing for one big campaign. In 2018 they asked us to do a World Cup campaign, and SQLI being SQLI, we proposed a party.

a digital football campaign for pizza hut

Meet the client

Dolle Dinsdag at Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is part of the PepsiCo group and known for its cheesy crust pizzas. In Belgium, you can eat in one of the 98 restaurants or you can use their delivery service. You can also order the cheesy Pizza Hut goodness via UberEats, Deliveroo, Takeaway and such. And when you say ‘Dolle Dinsdag’ in Belgium, most people will think about Pizza Hut too. 🍕

The challenge

Regularly, Pizza Hut challenges us with a digital campaign. So when the FIFA World Cup was organised in Russia in 2018, we weren’t surprised to receive an email from Pizza Hut with ‘FIFA World Cup digital campaign’ as the subject line. The briefing in short: sell more products and create awareness during the most fun period of the year for football lovers! ⚽️

What we did

Football + pizza = a match made in digital heaven

So we came up with a digital campaign… but couldn’t resist adding some real life pizzas too. Our thoughts: football is all about friends watching the game together, so what if you could win a crazy Food(t)party at home to support the Red Devils while they play in Russia? To participate, all you had to do was order a pizza online. Simple.

But the behind the scenes at SQLI were a little bit more complicated of course. We divided the campaign into 4 waves: awareness, conversion, positive buzz and social selling and used Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Google Display.

  1. To launch the campaign, we created a teasing video to generate awareness. We used an authentic design with real in-the-moment party situations and emoji’s to minimize the ‘traditional ad’ feeling. To maximize the product selling, traffic to the e-Commerce website was included in this phase of the campaign.
  2. The people who watched the video ad or interacted with the ads were retargeted in the conversion wave. We did some intensive A/B testing on formats to generate the maximum amount of traffic to the Pizza Hut e-Commerce site.
  3. In the third wave, it was finally party time! During the home parties, we created as much content as possible. This was important because we we’re going to use it in the next wave, to convince new people to participate. And well, we might be a digital agency, but we sure know how to throw a party! The video production, search for actors and a location etc. were done in-house. 
  4. Last but not least, we retargeted people who didn’t yet buy on social media with the real-party content so they would order during/for the next Red Devil’s match.


We’re very proud of this campaign and the numbers prove that we should be. 850 000 unique people were reached and we had a ROAS of 7,9. We did a good thing making the awareness phase look as ‘real’ as possible, because we generated an 80% viewability rate and for every full view we only paid € 0,015.

You can already guess it: we definitely ordered pizza to celebrate this campaign!

  • 5 adversiting channels
  • 7,9 ROAS
  • 850k unique people reached

Sounds delicious?

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