Nestlé Yes!

Nestlé Yes! influencer marketing & event

When we were approached by a new Nestlé brand to define a digital strategy, ‘Yes!’ was our super cliché yet spontaneous reply. To generate awareness around the new & healthy Yes! bars, we proposed among other a collaboration with Belgian micro and macro influencers and an inspiring event. And Yes!, it succeeded. But enough with the puns now, let’s dive into the case & results.

Healthy snacking

Yes! healthy snacking bars

Nestlé jumped on the healthy snacking wagon by launching a selection of raw fruit, vegetable & nut bars named Yes!. The target audience? Middle millennials.

How it all started

We were approached to define a full digital strategy to generate brand awareness and reach health conscious people.

The end result

We proposed a full launch strategy and on the influencer strategy and event concept, we got a Yes!. We proposed a collaboration with micro and macro influencers to generate awareness around the product launch, defined a concept and several assets for the event and did the follow up of the campaign. To tease the influencers that replied Yes! to our invite (sorry, they actually really did it) we created a box decorated with an authentic drawing and filled with the ingredients of the bar. We also added a blindfold that the influencers had to take with them as a ‘key’ for the event -- the ideal way to lift a tip of the veil.


The event itself took place in a charming greenhouse near Brussels, fully decorated with natural elements and 100% #Instagrammable. We proposed a photowall with props, styled flatlays with the bars, name cards with the # and so on. The influencers were offered a delicious brunch with the ingredients of the Yes! Bars. A perfect casual way to get to know the brand and each other! Afterwards two workshops - a blindfolded tasting workshop by a nutritionist and a DIY jar workshop - were the perfect way to digest and conclude the event. The influencers went home with a personalised (wicker) goodie bag which became a beloved photo prop, even weeks after the event!

Thanks to the aftercare (think: sending pictures of the event shot by a photographer, offering the possibility to host a contest), the influencers offered Yes! a great exposure. Mission accomplished!

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