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Colruyt Laagste Prijzen

From strategy to a partnership

Colruyt, a Belgian legacy! Well known because of its unique retail concept, efficient innovations and of course because of its clear slogan: “de Laagste Prijzen”. We’ve been working with Colruyt Laagste Prijzen since the beginning of 2019 after writing a pitch-winning strategy and have been their first allround digital partner ever since.

a full social and digital strategy for Colruyt belgium

Meet the client

CLP is the core of Colruyt Group and where it all started: it’s a big retail chain with over 220 stores in Belgium. The supermarket chain focuses on families with kids and has as main goal to offer an efficient & useful shopping experience for the lowest price possible.

But first ...

The challenge

Colruyt was on the hunt for a strategic partner that could help to rejuvenate the Colruyt image via social media and generate traffic to the stores. On the wish list? A hands-on strategy that they could eventually execute.

What we did!

Our approach

Being ourselves, we went a bit further than what was expected & now support CLP on several levels: from Digital Marketing Strategy to the daily management of the marketing campaigns we propose. We work on an always-on, campaign and consultancy basis.

Let’s perform!

A selection of what we do:

  • Always-on social media approach for Colruyt Laagste Prijzen and Colruyt Lekker Koken, the culinary branch of the warehouse. This includes strategy, copywriting, design and performance marketing.
  • Strategy & gestion of many campaigns with different objectives: from store traffic to brand building and app downloads. We define conversion driven strategies, create the assets and setup, monitor and report the campaigns. Examples of campaigns we’ve been managing are the all-summer barbecue campaign, back-to-school campaign, campaign for youth movements and MyColruyt app promotion campaign.
  • Consultancy on a strategy, media and content creation level. We’ve been working closely with the in-house communications agency of Colruyt (CCX) to align on- and offline communications, create an engaging digital strategy and align the different online touch points of the brand. We’re coaching CLP towards an innovative strategy that covers the full digital Customer Journey.
  • Influencer marketing to further reinforce the digital approach and add an extra value to the existing campaigns.

In short, it’s a match! We’re in a true partnership with CLP and share our strategy, social media, design, content creation and influencer marketing experience along the way. Ain’t that a beautiful story?!

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