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Are you seeking for digital specialists to assist you develop an inventive and industrialized system to help you carry out your digital plan effectively?


A defined and ambitious roadmap with frequent goals must underpin a digital transformation plan. Externalizing your digital production might be a strategic solution for ensuring the success of these projects over their entire life cycle.

By choosing an IT service center model, you are entrusting the administration of your project to digital specialists, which might be complicated due to the wide range of knowledge necessary. You'll be able to accelerate your digital maturity while focusing on your main business with this smart strategy.

Digital outsourcing and industrialisation can help with a variety of goals:

  • Invest in the long run to get the most out of your money
  • Ensure that your digital strategy is carried out
  • In a single partner, combine all of your digital abilities
  • Ensure that your applications reach the market on schedule

We offer two nearshore service centers in France, two offshore service centers in Morocco, and one in Mauritius to satisfy your demands. Our global attack force is supported by a network of local offices in 13 countries.

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Our value proposition

Using activity streams as a strategy

We created a customised and industrialized system, led by a group of high-level professionals, that is arranged into strategic activity streams to give you with the best possible support:

New projects. Dedicated teams. Agile work environment.

Development. Industrialization. Continuous integration. DevOps.

Multi-brand rollout. New-market rollout. Localization.

Stress tests. HMI, pixel perfect, multi-device. Web service tests.

UX/UI. Audience analysis. SEO. Digital consulting.

Corrective. Preventive and perfective. Minor/urgent upgrades. Support.

Whether it's an e-commerce solution, an experience platform, custom programming, or testing, our duty is to assure optimal service quality for the deployment of your digital solutions. We use an omnichannel approach to industrializing your ideas, with innovation at the forefront of our concerns.

A strong demand for service quality

We use KPIs to maintain service quality, and we are completely transparent with our clients about them: velocity, fault rate, anomaly correction time, DevOps maturity, and so on.

We set up a service center for one of France's largest energy companies, with delivery quality monitored and measured using 54 KPIs. This allowed us to fulfill deadlines, maintain skills, and ensure deliverable quality, among other things.

A system that is both global and integrated

The support center collaborates with a staff that is in constant contact with the customer. A Project division is in charge of operating the system, while a Consulting division is in charge of strategy, SEO/SEA, UX/UI, and so on.

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