SEB Group: Focus on digital!

A digital strategy concocted by SQLI

More than seven SEB Group products are sold worldwide every second. The Group is known for its many successes, such as its pressure cooker or the Actifry no-fat fryer, and it is therefore determined to achieve a successful digital transformation in order to meet consumer expectations and remain a leader internationally. To do this, SEB has designed an e-commerce system with SQLI which improves the user experience (using the SAP Hybris platform) while also enhancing the branding associated with products. These systems are currently being rolled out in more than fifty countries at a very fast pace.

Bringing brands and customers closer together with digital

The SEB Group, worldwide leader for small domestic appliances and a multi-specialist in the field, has a portfolio of more than thirty brands (including the iconic Moulinex, Rowenta, Calor, SEB, Tefal, Krups and even Lagostina brands). SEB's aim is to remain the leader in its market and it wants to develop a digital strategy to offer buying experiences which are in keeping with changes to consumer patterns. This strategy, combined with a policy of continuous innovation, addresses the Group's strong desire to create a special relationship with consumers, though also with its network of distributors.

To do this, the Lyon-based company is rolling out effective and scalable e-commerce platforms with a "Customer-Centric" approach.The challenge is simple: provide their consumers with an enriching experience (both in terms of style and content). The natural result of this approach will be a marked preference for the brand both online and offline. 

Partners since 2011, for the implementation of this digital transformation, SEB chose to work with SQLI because of the company's strong technological expertise. Indeed, SQLI has a proven lead in terms of mastering the Hybris platform chosen to support the e-commerce platforms, an additional bonus alongside its expertise in digital marketing (brand content, brand strategy, UX, etc.) provided by its WAX Interactive teams. Thanks to its commitment and ability to provide the right skills, SQLI has built a relationship with SEB that is based on trust.

Combining technology and marketing: the Moulinex example

Moulinex, the SEB Group's emblematic brand, aims to seek out consumers and win them over. With this in mind, SQLI has designed and developed a digital platform offering consumers the opportunity to express their creativity in the kitchen, reinventing the way they eat based on their desires, the season, their kitchen skills, and the time and equipment they have available.

The website mixes culinary creativity and practical information, particularly thanks to its key function - the Moulisearch - a search engine centred on consumers' needs.In addition there are cookboards - inspirational mini-dossiers which enable customers to search for recipes by specific products, meal organisation, or by type of event (family, evening with friends, etc.) and also based on their cravings!

On, consumers are easily attracted to the idea of sharing recipes from all over the world through social networks. In addition, Moulinex incorporates an accessories store to add value to the use of end products.To support this technical development, the WAX Interactive teams assisted in a consultancy and integration capacity with regards to the brand concepts and creation of brand content. SQLI also coordinated the first country roll-outs and managed the production of content for each country and the quality reviews.On the basis of this success, SEB is being assisted by SQLI to roll out this strategy for its other brands with the goal of offering unique experiences to all its consumers. The Rowenta and Krups websites were recently rolled out internationally.

A long-term partnership

The SEB Group and SQLI have built a relationship based on trust over more than 6 years. This collaboration is always on the rise and is not restricted to developing e-commerce websites.

"SQLI has real strengths both in terms of its technical expertise with the Hybris platform, and also thanks to WAX who enabled us to address the much talked about UX. Thanks to this cross-functionality, SQLI has become a first-rate partner, as their work ensures that our consumers continue to choose our portfolio of brands. We now focus on addressing the needs of our consumers throughout their "consumer journey" (before, during and after the purchase) with a specific value proposition for each of our brands. At present, the platform has been rolled out on more than 60 websites in more than 40 countries worldwide. This is an industrial scale roll-out which will continue to accelerate with each year!Our number of qualified leads owing to our brand websites has increased sharply, as have our direct sales of accessories, which reinforces our position as a market leader," explains Serge Miard, Digital Marketing Director for the SEB Group.

It is a view which is shared by Olivier Larribe, Head of the Connected Commerce Business Unit at SQLI:  "We have the ability to understand and collaborate both with IT and marketing departments to address business challenges. We are one of the rare operators on the market who can offer this complementarity and this unique positioning. Thanks to our involvement, we have built a genuine relationship with the SEB group. We have demonstrated our suitability in terms of addressing issues in both IT and marketing departments, which currently entrust us with increasing the market for their business activity through service centres."