Overhaul of the Information System

FNAIM, the biggest trade organisation in the real estate sector in France and Europe, wanted to rethink its information system with a three-pronged goal:
+ Leverage its professional and legal expertise as well as its actions with public authorities
+ Pursue the mission it has set itself to provide sector-based, economic, legal and regulatory information for its entire ecosystem
+ Develop a technological platform to enhance its service offer to support and secure its members' real estate projects
In under three months, SQLI set up a high-performance, long-lasting technological platform to meet the federation's short-term objectives (redesign of the www.fnaim.fr website, among other things).
The system, which was designed with ROI in mind, now addresses the major challenge of accelerating FNAIM's digital strategy for the benefit of its members, in particular by launching an extranet based on MS SharePoint:
+ Secure transaction management
+ Legal documents
+ Collaborative tools
+ Website offer (launch of a website factory), etc.


We were facing an urgent situation in which we had to restore a certain number of features from our information system, which SQLI handled flawlessly. The redesign of our IS and all its components (infrastructure and applications) needed to be undertaken immediately and we received the exact support we needed on this project, with a very accurate understanding of our specific needs. The urgency of the project did not alter our ability to develop and roll out our strategy in the medium term.


Deputy Chairman of FNAIM

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