An omnichannel campaign with on and offline touchpoints

The largest publishing company in Switzerland, Tamedia, hired SQLI for a cutting-edge, brand-new project. Tamedia announced the new "Youth" subscription for those between the ages of 18 and 24 years old, the so-called Generation Z, at the end of 2021 in an effort to offer the younger generation high-quality journalism at an affordable price.


“Youth”: A new digital subscription to “24 heures” and “La Tribune de Genève”, specially tailored to the needs and expectations of Gen Zers.



We often hear that communication is important. When you want to speak to a group as particular and distinctive as Generation Z, this is even more true. Young people between the ages of 18 and 24 are pure digital natives, which means that neither their information consumption nor their preoccupations are similar to those of earlier generations.

So, how can we stimulate their curiosity and interest? Which platforms should we employ to guarantee that they get our message? It was obvious that the entire campaign required solid digital foundations.

Together with Tamedia, SQLI brought its knowledge and expertise to bear on first defining the campaign's goals:

  • Leverage awareness to promote 24 heures and La Tribune de Genève to 18-24 years old’s 
  • Develop a reading habit for these 2 titles publications with Gen Zers 
  • Create a communications concept for this audience 
  • Be a driving force for the development of new activation mechanisms


It was determined to concentrate the campaign on three primary topics after learning about some of the issues that matter most to this generation:

  • The environmental crisis 
  • The Covid-19 pandemic 
  • Everyday discrimination

By using strong and appealing key messages such as “Information is the greatest source of  emancipation” and “I inform myself to act, to commit myself, to choose”, our goal is to place the  24 heures and La Tribune de Genève as reliable and affordable sources of information, which can help  the younger generation build up their own opinion and better understand what’s going around  them, whether it is in Switzerland or abroad.

Thanks to this innovative campaign, we were able to reach an audience that is very important to us: GenZ. We were able to experiment a partnership with influencers for the first time and we are delighted with this success. The objectives of the mandate have been achieved and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with SQLI for future projects.

Emilie Saint Girons Digital Sales Specialist Reader Revenue

The touchpoints

The variety of touchpoints utilized to market the Youth offer was one of the fascinating and novel parts of doing this campaign with Tamedia.
We went beyond using traditional print media and working with local influencers by visiting university campuses and interviewing 19 students about their information habits and the value of having access to verified, high-quality, and trustworthy sources of knowledge. 


In October, we organized a photoshoot session with local non-professional models in the streets of  Lausanne and Geneva. The shots taken were used as a basis for the visual aspect of the campaign, for  example on front pages of the newspaper “20 Minutes” (part of the TX Group, which holds Tamedia as well), sponsored  TikTok ads, and on owned media landing pages.


Given that celebrity endorsements of new businesses and goods increase a young person's likelihood of doing so by 1.25 times, it was decided to undertake a paid partnership campaign with local influencers.They were all chosen because they are all members of Generation Z and their work portrays what young people are like in real life, tackling important issues like prejudice or the environment catastrophe with comedy and a lighthearted tone. 


For 42 days, 6 influencers posted about the Youth subscription on their profile. Among the 3 main  topics, they were free to choose the one they wished to address, reflecting their true personal beliefs. In total, 3 stories, 4 reels and 1 feed post were posted.  


When you want to interact with Gen Zers, TikTok immediately comes to mind, right? For that reason,  we also asked the influencers to share this new offer with their TikTok communities. With a  community of almost 5 million followers and close to 117 million likes on his account, Léo Monferini,  the TikTok star, contributed greatly to spreading the message to Gen Zers. 

The 42-day TikTok campaign had 4 influencers who collectively produced 5 TikToks. 


University campuses

As we know, Gen Zers are mainly students. Therefore, it was mandatory to be present not only online,  but also in the place where they spend the majority of their time: universities.  

One way to be present was to hang posters advertising the Youth subscription on public and free bulletin boards.  

First, we went to different campuses of Western Switzerland, and hung posters advertising the Youth  Subscription on public bulletin boards. To make them look like small ads, we precut small tabs, with a  QR code leading directly to the subscription page. 

In order to create content for the rest of the global campaign, we went directly to the source, and interviewed  some students in Lausanne and Geneva. After briefly introducing ourselves and presenting the project,  we asked them short questions about their opinions regarding information, where they inform  themselves, etc. We concluded the interviews by shooting some general knowledge questions, for  example the name of the actual US Vice President, who is the President of Switzerland or the name of  the latest Covid-19 variant.


The results

As a reminder,the main objective of this Youth Campaign was to increase public knowledge of both 24 heures and La Tribune de Genève and to establish them as reliable sources of information for young people.

On both websites, the percentage of traffic from users between the ages of 18 and 24 increased dramatically within the first 40 days of the campaign. Compared to before the campaign's introduction, 24 heures witnessed an increase of + 54.91% users, while La Tribune de Genève had a rise of 59.84% in traffic.

Overall, this campaign met its primary objectives. Both titles were seen by the target audience,  whether it was in a print form or online. The communications concept was really aimed at Generation  Z. Whether it was through TikTok or directly by talking to them on campuses, we were able to spread  the message in a clear but also friendly way to our target. 

Totally innovative, this campaign served as a great tool for Tamedia and SQLI to assess the effectiveness of novel activation techniques, providing us with the chance to learn important lessons and receive feedback.


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