A user centric mobile app

In spring 2020, the temporary staffing and recruitment specialist Manpower unveiled its new mobile app. The app is an essential building block for Manpower’s brand awareness, helping to attract and retain candidates. It has been redesigned to make it easier to use and add new functionality. Its comprehensive features provide users with a smooth experience and enable them to independently manage their work duties.

Manpower overhauls its mobile app designed for its candidates and temporary staff


Adopting a mobile first strategy

Manpower’s network of agencies has long been the company’s strength, with a focus on local presence. However, to remain in step with growing mobile uses, Manpower wants to increase its connectivity and build close relationships with all individuals who do not physically visit its agencies, via a handy mobile app.

A user-centered approach

The ambition for the app is to support candidates and temporary staff at all stages of their careers at Manpower. More than just an app, it is a powerful and essential everyday tool, which can be used to apply for positions, upload supporting documents, consult files (contracts, wage slips, etc.), sign documents, track working hours, and more.


Modernizing and upgrading the app

 SQLI contributed its mobile expertise (consultancy, development, and continuous improvement) throughout the project, in close collaboration with Manpower’s business teams.

The team developed the app natively for iOS and Android, using the languages Swift and Kotlin respectively. Following the overhaul of the app, the Mobile developers focused on the addition of major functionalities, such as enabling users to send supporting documents directly from their smartphones by taking a photo.

The project was carried out in Agile Scrum mode. This method makes it possible to bring new functionalities on board very fast. During the first lockdown in France, for example, Manpower provided a module to generate the declarations that were legally required for its temporary workers to leave home, in less than three weeks. Today, SQLI is continuously developing and improving the app, in both technical and functional terms.


Initial user feedback in public stores has been very positive, particularly in AppStore, where the average rating has risen from 3.1 to 4.2. The number of downloads has also significantly increased, from 1 million in April 2020 to 1.5 million in September 2021. Manpower has also recorded an increase in job applications via the app, and their share has grown from 10 to 30%. Manpower currently receives 27,000 applications a month!

With its objective view of technology, business maturity, and understanding of our needs, SQLI has proven its value to us. The team worked hand in hand with our business teams. It demonstrated its ability to challenge us and advise us on choices to be made, always based on a design-to-cost approach, to maximize value while controlling costs. SQLI managed to strike the right balance between our business needs, the technology environment, and project feasibility. Over the past three years, the team has also brought us stability and peace of mind, with a high level of expertise in mobile technology.

Pierre-Alain Ceschini FRANCE GROUP CIO

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