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Transforming Healthcare logistics

MediCarrier, the Region Stockholm distributor for healthcare products, embarked on a crucial journey to enhance the efficiency of the healthcare supply chain in collaboration with HiQ and SQLI Nordics. This initiative aims to meet the growing demands for streamlined healthcare logistics, underscored by the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A view of the Medicarrier order portal on a MacBook

Background: With the project, MediCarrier's mission was clear: to modernize and simplify the product ordering process for healthcare providers within Region Stockholm. The traditional reliance on a time-consuming PDF catalog was no longer sustainable and the pandemic further highlighted the urgency of digitization in healthcare logistics.

- It's of the utmost importance that public healthcare easily can get the articles they need for their work. Over a period of time, we have mapped areas in need of improvements, and when the pandemic struck it accelerated that momentum even more. Renewing the process of buying supplies is an important step towards a modern organization that supports public health care in best way possible, and with this project we have added an important piece to the puzzle.

Picture of Mattias Ahlqvist, CIO at Medicarrier
Mattias Ahlqvist CIO, MediCarrier

Scope: Tasked with revolutionizing healthcare logistics, MediCarrier joined hands with HiQ and SQLI Nordics. The project unfolded over about a year and culminated in the development of a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform. This digital solution now empowers healthcare professionals and facilities with a streamlined ordering process.

Solution: The e-commerce solution harnesses the power of Optimizely PIM and Optimizely Customized Commerce, ushering in an era of efficiency and ease. The union of these technologies is a pioneering achievement, creating a future-proofed system known for its performance and reliability. SQLI's Ignite framework for Optimizely further expedited the project delivery. The result is an easy-to-use B2B order portal that works on any device, and let users do their ordering of medical supplies much more easily.

The digital transformation of MediCarrier's operations heralds a new era in healthcare logistics. The modernized platform drastically reduces the time healthcare professionals spend on the ordering process, liberating more time for patient care. Healthcare providers commend the user-friendliness, accessibility, and many other tangible benefits of the new e-commerce platform.

Conclusion: MediCarrier's recent partnership with HiQ and SQLI Nordics exemplifies the remarkable potential of digital transformation in healthcare logistics, an area that has up to now been traditional and marred by slow processes. The project has been a clear success, marking a pivotal step in modernizing healthcare operations. Notably, the solution saves approximately 20,000 work hours in a year, allowing health specialists to focus their time and energy on patients instead of bureaucracy. These results also played a key role in being a finalist in DI Tech awards for project of the year, 2023.

- We are very happy to see that what has been achieved with the new MediCarrier platform is really simplifying the daily, critical work tasks of medical professionals in the region. And also, how fast the project has been implemented. Self-service, availability and user friendliness has been keywords in a project that we are really hoping will make a big difference in the daily lives of its users.

Viktor Bergman Talani, Technical Director at SQLI Nordics
Viktor Bergman Talani Technical Director, SQLI Nordics