Bridgestone B2B Omnichannel Commerce

Bridgestone is the world's leading producer of rubber tires and products, present in more than 150 countries. To consolidate its leading position on the European market they needed to take steps to the next level. That’s why Bridgestone developed a new B2B omni-channel Commerce platform with the help of SQLI.

Help customers to easily find available products, placing orders quickly, and bringing customer service to a higher level with self-service functionalities? Yes, this made us excited! So of course, we took part in making it possible and even more!

The goal

What we did and how it benefitted Bridgestone 

It was very important to Bridgestone to go to the next level to maintain their leading position on the European market. That’s why SQLI helped with the development and deployment of a multichannel B2B commerce platform for Bridgestone EMIA. The project had the following phases:  

  • Go-Live MVP first region in November (9 months project) 
  • Roll outs to 5 other regions 
  • Hypercare to support live regions-countries 

The result

Implementation and support for Bridgestone

SQLI proposed an integrated offer to Bridgestone to implement the new commerce channel. Not only did we implement the SAP Cloud Commerce platform, but we also supported them during the UX design of the front-end, the integration with SAP ERP, agile coaching during the implementation and change management to secure adoption both internally and at the customer side. What can we say? We want our clients to have the best result possible! 

The first roll-out in Spain and Portugal already showed promising results. Other regions were deployed in 2020 and hope for the same results. Benefits that Bridgestone can expect: 

  • Improved customer experience 
  • A decrease in customer service claims against the current platform 
  • Improved sales performance 
  • Current platform traffic is 600K orders yearly, above 1M order lines, 3,5M tires sold 
  • A deployment of a high performing and scalable commerce solution in the cloud which integrates core SAP ERP business systems 
  • An enhanced user experience, with an intuitive design that scales consistently and elegantly across different devices. 


"This new state of the art commerce platform is one of the cornerstones in the future development of our omnichannel customer support, with one key target: seamless and effective support of our customers to sell more tires. In these Covid-19 times a performant digital channel has become even more important."

Sami Chazan Head of customer support of Bridgestone

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