New Sharepoint 2013 collaborative portal

A2C had been using MS SharePoint 2010 Foundation for its business services but wanted to migrate to the new SharePoint 2013 platform, which was recommended by SQLI. This platform offers a broad range of features and allows A2C to promote its new visual identity, created by the design teams at WAX Interactive.

A2C's goal is to:    
+ Strengthen corporate communications + Improve collaborative work by improving the exchange of information and documents
+ Simplify content and document management by setting up a validation workflow
+ Centralise the storage of information

This new version of SharePoint will enable A2C to improve productivity by simplifying searches for information and by boosting user autonomy, in particular through its streamlined interface and application logic.

Each step of the project is carried out by SQLI: from the ergonomic and graphic design to the specific developments carried out by SQLI Enterprise and integration.


In order to address the challenges of accelerating our data flows while taking into account changing uses, we needed to integrate a more robust, scalable and highly efficient solution. SQLI provided us with a tool that fully meets our functional requirements and technical constraints.

Information Systems Manager - A2C

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