Thursday 16 February 2017

Time to market hacks
For the retailers looking for responsiveness


Even if the unexpected is unforeseeable by definition, everyone knows that it happens.


I want everything, now. Today’s consumer is reaching a high degree of impatience and demand. Thus he imposes an increasingly reduced time window to distribution buyers for finding and offering the flagship product for sale that he expects.

The offer in an instant is becoming a real challenge for retailers. When this new consumer will have seen George Clooney glasses on a fresh Instagram post, he will refer to you in order to purchase immediately the desired product.

But how to answer positively to this request and make profits through these unforeseeable opportunities related to weather contingency or media buzzes?

This document is primarily intended for all operators who are looking for solutions to significantly reduce time to market new products.

Read the Time-to-Market Hacks Powerbook to:

  • Understand the importance & the economical influence of unforeseeable opportunities and reactivity as the key for a commercial success
  • Apprehend the heart of the problem: process and IT mutation
  • Identify 3 possible digital solutions
  • Comprehend the importance of Digital to take the challenge brought by deep modification in business models
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