[Ebook] Customer Experience : how to get started!

Customer Experience (CX) is all about the overall experience a customer has with your brand, both online and offline.

It starts the very second they come into contact with your organization. And it continues throughout the entire purchasing process, right up until they have no use for the product or service anymore. 

Their impressions, feelings, and expectations linked to your company all contribute to this experience which is based on their perception of your brand.

This content looks at what lies behind the term “CX” and examines everything from a customer’s standpoint. 

It explains how tech and purpose-driven brands are driving CX. It provides insights into how organizations manage customer experience. And it recommends an approach to auditing CX.


Page 3 - What is CX?

Page 5 - CX counts more than price or product

Page 7 - Purpose-driven brands and CX

Page 11 - Key success factors

Page 14 - They 5 key steps of a CX audit


the ebook

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