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More efficient healthcare deliveries with HiQ and SQLI's unique e-commerce solution for MediCarrier

The healthcare sector relies on an efficient process for ordering healthcare products. To upgrade the time-consuming product catalog used by Region Stockholm and MediCarrier, HiQ and SQLI Nordics have developed and launched a modern e-commerce solution – the world's first solution based on Optimizely PIM in combination with Optimizely Customized Commerce.

MediCarrier, tasked with distributing eco-friendly healthcare and consumable items to Region Stockholm's healthcare facilities, recognized the need to accelerate digitalization and become more agile in their operations. The pandemic served as a significant catalyst for change.

“It is of utmost importance that healthcare providers can easily access the items they need for their work. We have been assessing improvement needs for some time, and the pandemic's strain on healthcare further accelerated our development efforts. Renewing the product ordering process is a crucial step toward becoming a completely modern organization that supports healthcare in the best way possible, and with this, we have added a crucial piece to the puzzle”, says Mattias Ahlqvist, CIO at MediCarrier.

Through a procurement process, MediCarrier tasked HiQ and SQLI Nordics with simplifying and expediting the process from ordering to delivery. The new product catalog took a year to develop and fundamentally shifts from a PDF catalog to a modern e-commerce platform and a user-friendly website accessible to all of MediCarrier's customers.

”Our aim has been to reduce the time healthcare providers spend in front of a computer and increase their time with patients. The new e-commerce platform is a technically complex task that has been successful, largely due to a partnership built on trust and MediCarrier's commitment to developing the platform in a sustainable and innovative manner. It feels great that we, with our expertise and innovative technical solutions, can make a difference in healthcare”, says Anil Ekimler, Project and Delivery Manager at HiQ.

Photo of Viktor Bergman Talani, Anil Ekimler and Mattias Ahlqvist

Viktor Bergman Talani, SQLI, Anil Ekimler, HiQ and Mattias Ahlqvist, MediCarrier.

World-unique e-commerce solution with Optimizely

The product catalog manages a volume of over 15,000 medical items from more than 260 contracted suppliers. By using Optimizely PIM, MediCarrier can streamline what is often a time-consuming task – managing the product catalog. And by combining Optimizely PIM with Optimizely Customized Commerce, a first in the world, MediCarrier has built its new solution on a future-proofed technology stack with high performance and reliability. Since the solution was also created using SQLI's proven Ignite framework for Optimizely, the project has significantly shortened its time to market.

”It is pleasing to see that what we have achieved with MediCarrier's new digital platform, makes it much easier for healthcare personnel to handle daily, mission-critical tasks than before. And that we have been able to implement the solution so quickly. Self-service, accessibility, and user-friendliness have been the guiding principles in a project that we hope will make a significant difference in users' daily lives”, says Viktor Bergman Talani, Technical Director at SQLI Nordics.
In a pilot project, Folktandvården (public dental care) and AISAB (ambulance care in greater Stockholm) are currently using the new comprehensive solution – the product catalog and developed e-commerce functionality. All region-owned hospitals and healthcare providers as well as several private entities are also successfully using the new product catalog. During this autumn, everyone purchasing through MediCarrier will be connected to the new e-commerce platform.

In the coming years, HiQ will also be responsible for the management and further development of the platform and website.

For more information, please contact:

Ola Linder, Head of Marketing at SQLI Nordics
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