Monday 08 June 2020

KARAPASS : protecting
the health of companies and their employees

SQLI develops KARAPASS, an application to encourage the adoption and respect of new virus prevention measures

Covid-19 will have a lasting impact on companies and their business models. The current health crisis requires the introduction of new rules that companies must adapt to. SQLI is assisting legal and HR departments in all sectors with totally new considerations surrounding the regulatory and health challenges created by the pandemic. 


The gradual return of economic activity and reopening of specialty stores requires the introduction of suitable protection systems. The KARAPASS solution facilitates the deployment of safety protocols for specific sectors and businesses (including factories, offices, warehouses and points of sale). It also offers a specific user journey for each workstation (without a screen, with a shared screen or with a personal, fixed screen). The application is based on four functions that are designed to promote awareness and adoption of virus prevention measures and ensure compliance with them: 

  • Provide training on virus prevention measures specific to each profession (cashier, office worker, etc.);
  • Certify employees with multiple-choice questions and simulation exercises;
  • Control the correct application of safety measures on a daily basis;
  • Contact and notify when needed (declaration of symptoms, hand sanitizer shortage, etc.).

Offering multi-device functionality (desktop, mobile and tablet), the application is based on a SaaS distribution model, which ensures rapid deployment and scalability. KARAPASS forms a basis to which new modules can be added in order to encourage its adoption (notification system, gamification, chatbot integration, etc.).


Beyond the post-Covid recovery, currently applied procedures can contribute to the prevention of common epidemics (gastroenteritis, flu, etc.). The application therefore provides a lasting solution for health challenges. KARAPASS also enables a high level of responsiveness for the deployment of safety measures: information and training needs are continually updated as new employees, temporary staff and service providers are hired. By planning ahead for risks and protecting the health of their teams, partners, clients and, as a result, their families, companies can ensure the continuity of their businesses and protect their employer brand.

Building on its basis, KARAPASS can be developed to meet an extended range of uses (IT security awareness-raising, learning of new best practices in a factory environment, certification for new tools, etc.). The application delivers a lasting and upgradeable solution: it is supporting the deployment of a post-Covid safety system, while offering the potential to become a single digital entry point for employee certification.

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