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Loxam strengthens its e-commerce strategy through the cloud

SQLI works on Loxam’s digital roadmap aimed at developing its customer experience and building its reputation on its market

With a presence in 30 countries, Loxam is Europe’s leading construction equipment rental company. Recommended as an integrator by its partner SAP, SQLI conducted a cloud migration project for Loxam’s e-commerce platform.

Loxam speeds up its digital transformation

"The cloudification project is part of a global strategy for digital development at Loxam. We want to enhance our e-commerce system and improve our customer experience by building on a stable, robust and secure platform. This migration is an excellent opportunity to modernize our infrastructure and deploy our digital roadmap on the basis of a powerful application,” explained Alexandre de Fenoyl, Digital and Marketing Director at Loxam

A three-way project involving Loxam, SAP and SQLI

Loxam turned to its long-standing solution, SAP, which is already tried and tested, and firmly integrated in its information system. To switch to the SAP Commerce Cloud version, Loxam selected SQLI: "SQLI is a partner that inspires confidence with its technical and functional expertise, as well as its responsiveness," commented Alexandre de Fenoyl

« SQLI’s proposal offered two main benefits: deep knowledge of the target version and an ability to coordinate all the stakeholders involved, including SAP. We had a single contact person who managed the entire relationship, and was responsible for deadlines and quality. SQLI was a very efficient intermediary between SAP and Loxam,” added Etienne Victoria, Applications and Projects Director at Loxam.

The project, which was conducted jointly by SQLI France and its service center in Morocco, included several stages:

  • Assessment step: the team assessed the level of complexity of specific developments, such as refactoring work needed to switch from the source to the target version, in order to estimate the efforts required before beginning the migration; 
  • Upgrade step: the release upgrade involved going through several levels before reaching the latest version, 21.5. The team carried out a hundred or so test cases to make sure there was no regression in any of the functionalities.
  • Migration step: with the platform up to date, the team got to work on cloud migration and the necessary modifications to make sure all the functionalities were operational.

Etienne Victoria and Benoît Wojciechowski, Head of the Digital Experience Division, praised the smooth implementation of the project and the quality of the service provided by SQLI: "Communication was effortless, while the organization was flexible and based on co-responsibility. This good understanding is almost worth more than the project methodology! Whether on the French or Moroccan side, SQLI’s communication was unified: SQLI speaks with a single voice. It is a true partnership.

A solid foundation for Lowam's e-commerce growth 

Loxam now has a responsive cloud environment that brings the company greater reliability and higher performance levels. This transition to the cloud lays the foundations for the European leader to relaunch its digital roadmap and reap the benefits of SAP Commerce Cloud functionalities as it pursues digitalization of its customer journeys, including improved access to the catalog, online payment and reservation, as well as the display of product availability. 

"This project has been a resounding success. SQLI has all the assets needed to smoothly bring a project to completion, without the rigidity of a large integrator. All our requirements were met and the experience was seamless. We would like to emphasize the quality of their project management and understanding of client needs. This migration project was a major first for us and SQLI’s expertise was reassuring; it was a key factor in building a relationship of trust,” concluded Etienne Victoria.    

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