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SQLI extends its partnership with Spryker

The SQLI Group combines its e-commerce expertise with the German Spryker solution, a rising star in composable commerce.

SQLI reaffirms its commitment to composable commerce solutions to meet the current and future needs of its international clients with better time-to-market, performance and agility. The partnership, which was established in 2020 between SQLI Netherlands and Spryker now extends to other countries in the Group: France, UK, MENA, Germany, Sweden and Belgium.

Combining e-commerce expertise and a best-of-breed solution

Spryker is a commerce solution for B2B and B2C enterprise marketplaces that enables the creation of flexible e-commerce models by offering a best-of-breed approach that provides organizations with the agility needed to adjust to a constantly changing market, and accelerate digital growth and digital transformation. Spryker was recognized by Gartner® as a Visionary in the 2022 Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Commerce.

The partnership with Spryker combines SQLI's consulting approach, e-commerce expertise, production capacity, through its Moroccan service centers, and presence in European and Middle-East markets with a proven solution based on modern architectures (headless, API-first, cloud native).

Spryker's modular approach, which is agile, scalable and in line with SQLI's philosophy, helps to reduce costs, accelerate time-to-market and promote omnichannel capabilities for an enriched customer experience. By opening up the partnership to six of its regions, SQLI is consolidating its e-commerce positioning and bringing its strength to Spryker.

"Spryker is a leading solution in the e-commerce landscape, and is positioned as a very good alternative between fully integrated solutions and specific development. Spryker adds the unique combination of a feature-rich yet customizable e-business application with B2C, B2B and marketplaces models to SQLI’s platform portfolio. Our commitment to the platform and partnership is unwavering and goes from strength to strength" ensures Mark Blockhuys, Managing Director of SQLI Netherlands.    

“SQLI is a leading digital agency that has demonstrated time and again that they are a trusted advisor for accelerating digitalization for customers,” said Boris Lokschin, co-founder and CEO at Spryker. “Together, we know first hand how important composable commerce is for a customer to be able to achieve truly continuous evolution rather than be stuck in old monolithic ways. We’re pleased to further our partnership with SQLI and look forward to continuing to bring value to customers together.

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