SQLI interconnects the LPG® group with the logistics giant PFS

SQLI uses its technical and SAP expertises to help the LPG® Group reorganize its logistics. 

LPG® is the world leader in cellular stimulation. For more than 35 years, the company has produced machines designed for healthcare and beauty professionals, bringing the technological expertise it has developed in France to more than 110 countries. LPG® also covers the B2C market with a range of cosmetics products, as well as its slimming and anti-ageing device for the home: Wellbox®. After reaching a new stage in its growth, the company redesigned its organization around its logistics operations with the assistance of SQLI.

Rethinking internal organization to support growth

Previously accustomed to handling large packaging, LPG® wanted to restructure its organization to manage a growing number of small packages related to the successful launch of its cosmetics range in 2021. To manage the increased logistics workload, the company decided to outsource these operations to PFS. LPG® had several aims for this organizational transformation:

  • Modernize order taking and improve customer satisfaction, by reducing product delivery times and optimizing parcel tracking.
  • Lighten its logistics workload (kitting, preparation and shipping, etc.) while reducing operational costs.
  • Refocus on its commercial operations and save time for its sales force by automating the order process. Business practices are more streamlined, more reliable and based on a standard operating method, while teams save time on manual data entry, allowing them to refocus on office-based commercial operations and communication with customers.

Achieving interoperability to automate and increase the reliability of data exchanges between LPG® and PFS

To meet these aims, LPG® needed to integrate PFS in its digital ecosystem and tasked SQLI with linking the two companies’ information systems, within the France B2C scope. The project began with a functional analysis phase, to gauge the complexity of an environment that included multiple technologies (Dynamics, SAP, Prestashop, etc.) and service providers.

SQLI’s French and Belgian teams ran workshops to understand the operation of each of the project’s constituent parts, identify flows and create the correct internal connections, in order to automatically integrate the right data (stocks, sales, order status and tracking, etc.) in the right system.

This preparatory work enabled LPG® to synchronize and share customer and order information with PFS, using a unique identifier for each product, build a reliable customer database, rationalize its payment methods, establish a process for commercial operations, and more.

LPG® satisfied with the initial results

The solution deployed has proven to be stable and robust. Internally, the most significant productivity gain brought about by process automation is related to order payment reconciliation in accounts. On the business side, LPG® has seen an increase in its order volumes.

We were won over by the approach put forward by SQLI, which matched our company and needs, and the close working relationship. Throughout the project, we greatly appreciated our partner’s professionalism and level of expertise, particularly in the area of SAP, as well as their ability to understand our challenges and produce the required result,” enthused Philippe Angotta, Customer Relations Director at LPG®.

Following the success of this first B2C phase, SQLI is beginning work on the B2B side. As soon as production begins for this second phase in the summer, SQLI will deploy the model in the group’s European subsidiaries (Germany, Belgium, Spain and Italy), with startup scheduled for late 2022. The LPG® Group is forging ahead with transformation in other areas and new strategic projects with SQLI are in the pipeline, including analysis for an overhaul of its digital ecosystem.

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