How we took the German podcast world by storm

Have you ever considered podcast advertising in your marketing plan? We did! We were convinced that there was a golden opportunity for one of our customers, a sustainable and rechargeable battery brand. During the last 5 years, SQLI got the opportunity to be their loyal partner in defining and executing their European social media strategy. But this story ain’t over yet! Listen up!

Podcast on desk

Engaged and niche audience

Podcasts are booming business for brands!

The last couple of years, podcasts are on the rise and the growth is expected to continue in the years ahead. There are podcasts about everything: history classes, crime mysteries, food,... You name it, you have it! That’s why the number 1 advantage of podcasts is that you can reach a very engaged and moreover very niche audience. These listeners are very loyal to brands, always eager to learn and open to discover new products and brands. Not only can people make podcasts, brands too have found a way to bring relevant content to the exact audiences who want to hear about them and who are aligned with the brand. Did you know that the average podcast listener listens to 7 shows a week and 80% of them are glued to their headphones for (almost) the entire episode? 54% of these super listeners responded hearing a podcast ad (compared to other places) makes them more likely to purchase a product*. Almost 70% of them agreed that podcast ads made them aware of new products or services.

"Half of the podcast listeners responded hearing a podcast ad makes them more likely to purchase a product."

  • 27 ads

The results were booming

This German campaign has proven that podcasts are the ideal way to create awareness at a low cost! It’s a superb format to reach the niche audiences of a brand. Some results in a nutshell:

  • We worked with 8 podcasters
  • They launched 27 ads 4 of those were large presentations of the brand
  • We hosted 1 expert interview
  • The campaign generated more than 172.000 downloads / impressions!

Our way of working? The multi-format approach!

In their social media approach, the battery brand we are talking about mainly focuses on photographers and eco-families with kids and we had a strong feeling that those audiences could be reached via podcasts too. After a long research and selection process, we invited 4 German photographers and 4 eco-families to collaborate. They all received a flagship charger and some battery packs so they could test those for a couple of weeks. The podcast hosts had the choice to read an ad out loud, talk about the rechargeable batteries and the products and/or invite an expert for a more in-depth interview. It was key that all these formats were host-read only, because it would allow the sponsored content to blend into the podcast show and sound much more authentic and recognisable to the audience. Curious how this sounds? Listen up!

The first format we proposed to the influencers is the traditional ad. Those ads last up to 90 seconds and are repeated during 4 consecutive shows. They mainly focus on the most important USPs of the brand. For the photography podcasts that was the performance of the batteries, while the eco-minded and family podcasters mainly talked about the reusability and sustainability.

Podcast hosts that were open to explain a bit more about the brand, could opt for a larger presentation of the products and brand. Those presentations lasted between 90 seconds and 5 minutes. In this case the hosts had the time to also share their experiences.

Last but not least, we proposed an interview with an expert of the brand as a third format in the collaboration. Some photographers were hungry for more technical information about the rechargeable batteries. During the interview they could shoot their questions live at the expert and offer their audience a more in-depth conversation and presentation.

Curious about the podcast opportunities for your brand?

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