Shifting to omnichannel commerce

COFAQ starts the shift to the omnichannel commerce with a strategic framing vision carried out by SQLI.


The COFAQ Group, the leading DIY purchasing centre for professionals, aims to position digital at the heart of the group’s ambitions.

SQLI has supported the management of the Group’s brands and the IT department in initiating the e-commerce projects of its 3 main brands: Master Pro, Securom and Brico Pro.


It was during a strategic framing mission in 2017 that SQLI intervened to help COFAQ build a global vision of its e-commerce transformation. Several areas were studied, in particular

  • The omnichannel customer experience
  • Digital marketing
  • E-commerce technology
  • Logistics

SQLI and COFAQ have also worked together to build the e-commerce business model in the COFAQ cooperative context and in the management of change among members.

As an extension of the framework, COFAQ again called on SQLI in 2019 to initialise the Master Pro and Brico Pro e-commerce website projects.

The consulting approach was based on the vision of BtoB and BtoC customer experiences materialised by two prototypes developed during two sprint designs.

The SQLI experts relied on Design Thinking methods which, thanks to the customer centric approach, enabled the decision-makers to put themselves in the shoes of the customers by experiencing a real buying experience.
The prototypes were then tested and validated by a panel of target customers.


Laying the foundation for an omnichannel e-commerce program

The support has resulted in :

  • A clear vision of the scope of the e-commerce programme
  • Organisation of the management of the e-commerce programme
  • The expression of functional and technical needs
  • Estimated resource requirements
  • The choice of solutions

“SQLI’s added value has been decisive, due to its expertise in e-commerce projects, conducting innovative workshops such as sprint design, motivating teams and finding solutions. Together, we defined the outlines of the transformation project towards omnichannel and all the actions to be carried out.“

Nicole Henry, CIO of the COFAQ Group