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About Carlsberg

Being one of the leading brewery groups in the world of course comes with a lot of advantages, but being a big company can also have its challenges. Carlsberg has been around since 1847 and is well spread out globally employing over 40 000 people focused on bringing the largest beverage portfolio to the market in over 150 different countries.


When brewer J.C Jacobsen started building on his empire over 170 years ago he was probably not that focused on digital solutions, but surely on how to keep track of his clients, orders and contracts in order to build a successful business. A need that of course still is crucial for Carlsbergs operations, however with a much more digital approach, fit for a company that has grown and developed in an impressive way since those early days.

When our paths crossed Carlsberg was in need of a digital tool that could support their sales team and help them to work more efficiently. The key mission was to find a way to digitize and structure everything from sales presentations, agreements, quotations, margins, prices to data and analytics. At this time all assets were spread over numerous different tools creating challenges for a sales crew that longed for a way to center all of these assets around one digital platform, saving tons of time, and money.

Getting the project OnTrak

We were of course eager to help and joined forces with the Carlsberg team working closely to get a picture of what kind of tool we should build in order to both maximize Carlsberg’s ROI and deliver the project in quite a short amount of time. Together we decided to start working collaboratively in creative workshops, defining the scope for our MVP as well as brainstorming around all the suggested improvements that came up. In short we conducted a prestudy which provided us with a clear direction for the upcoming development of a customized tool. Except for building an awesome tool it should clearly also support two key business needs:

  • Giving Carlsberg a better overview and possibility to track their business and contracts over time
  • Secure that the new solution would fit like a glove into the existing digital landscape of Carlsberg

The result of our joint work gave us a great foundation to start working on a new contract management system which today is called OnTrak and now provides the sales team with their desired functionality. OnTrak is a fully stand-alone platform that collects data from several different data points with integations to Carlsberg’s Enterprise Resource Management system SAP, providing the sales team with the latest client- and product data. Instead of spending a lot of time searching for information the employees can now, in much less time, do calculations of new agreements through the new web interface.

Except for doing their calculations they can also forward these for approvement or denial as part of a smart decision chain, making sure that all levels of management can keep track of their teams performance.

No matter where you are geographically located OnTrak easily adapts to the right market, language, decision chains, laws etc. The solution is not only adaptive when it comes to geography, but also for various devices and platforms. A dynamic solution is key for a global company like Carlsberg.

- You get an overview over the costs and discount. It gives us a completeness over the whole deal, so close to the truth you can get. It helps me in my everyday job.

Sales representative Carlsberg Group

"If you want to use it, you will use it."

So, what was the verdict from the sales team? How was OnTrak actually received? Well, the rule of thumb “If you want to use it, you will use it” has been proven to be true in this project. The system is now popular within the sales force which has turned the implementation of OnTrak into a big success.

OnTrak is also appreciated on the manager side, helping them to be much more effective in their continuous improvement work.

- Before OnTrak was launched the sales teams were struggling with outdated digital solutions, but since the tool has become a natural part of our everyday work we can see a major positive change. The sales teams have gained much better control over their contracts and can be more efficient when it comes to both running and prioritizing among our agreements. Since the tool is now connected with SAP we can be much more efficient in our follow up on expected vs actual sales outcome as well, which has been much appreciated. Our managers have gained a much better overview of the current sales situation which helps them to continually improve performance.

Nicole Goessel Solution Owner – Commercial, Carlsberg Group