e-Commerce strategy

To assure your company's growth, digital has become a need. It necessitates considerable investments and, in some cases, a shift in business strategy, which means you must ask yourself the proper questions before embarking on a project.

How do you develop a cohesive experience that satisfies your clients' expectations across all channels at a time when they can appear elusive? What technology should you use to build digital systems 
SQLI's ecommerce consulting team uses its vision and experience to help you identify the finest digital commerce strategy, create a roadmap, and coordinate your company's multiple divisions all while maximizing your return on investment. 


Our value proposition


By combining the finest of strategy, design, and technology, we help organizations understand their customers' new behaviors in order to develop unified purchase experiences. 



Our consultants prioritize the client's voice and expectations in all of their decisions. Our strategic vision is translated into a practical, operational action plan. In order to speed up innovation and increase your business with the best time-to-market, our Consulting Team participates in research, scoping, design thinking, and design sprints. 
Every stage of our mission is co-constructed with your teams, with methods that are shared and implemented in a clear and transparent manner. 



From strategy definition to design, deployment of customised experiences, and continual optimization of unified commerce, e-commerce, phygital, digital marketing, innovation, and other systems, our consultants, UX experts, and designers are involved. They are experts in all aspects of digital commerce, from customer acquisition to conversion and loyalty.

Our experts can help you with the audit phases of your market, competition, solution benchmarking, and the formulation of a business strategy based on your goals. They are experts in all aspects of digital commerce, from customer acquisition to conversion and loyalty. 

Our UX and design teams create user-centric journeys and interfaces, which are then implemented by our technical team on unified commerce, e-commerce, and physical solutions. 

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