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As a firm, you want to raise your brand loyalty and sales in the shortest amount of time feasible. Personalize your digital marketing approach across all your digital channels and customer datasets with personalization tools and you’ll notice the improvement.

Hello potential customer!

SQLI can help you personalize your homepage, newsletters and customer platforms, etc. In an ever-changing digital landscape where third-party cookies will soon be outdated, your client database is becoming increasingly crucial for the smooth operation of your company.

"Don’t open a bar if you think all you need to be is social and greet the customers. You have to run a business."

Jon Taffer

Gather round the customer data – How to

Using an omnichannel strategy, you'll need to collect as much data from your customers as possible to put in your Customer Data Platform. As a result, each potential client – whether you know them or not – gets a profile that is updated with each encounter.

You should have included a clear segmentation in your CPD database so that the information you get can be used to develop specific target groups and audiences. Gender, age group, themes of interest, location, device preference, and how they surf and interact on your website are all examples of segmentation you might use. The options are limitless. Don’t have a CPD yet, or a segmentation that works for your brand? We can help with that too.

Data: check, now what?

Customers like to feel special, and they are more likely to engage with your brand and brand content if they believe it is relevant to their lives and interests. Now that you have your target groups and the information you need, you can produce personal content. Make the most of your newsletters, banners, landing sites, and social media to establish brand loyalty among your (possible) customers. Nowadays, younger generations of digital natives demand companies to provide some level of customization. It's also a big hit with Google. Have we won you over to make the investment yet?

The circle of digital life

The beauty of marketing automation is that once it's set up, it doesn't stop working. You continue to construct client profiles through call-to-actions in your messages (see above). To expand your segmentation or fine-tune current profiles, use contact forms to collect additional information, detect behavioral triggers, and save everything in your CDP. Personalization, when well-maintained, leads to increased consumer engagement, which leads to increased revenue and brand strength.

We have the knowledge at SQLI to guide, support, and design whatever you need for your omnichannel strategy, including personalization flourishes to ensure your company's digital future success.

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