[White paper] Digital Workplace: Connect, collaborate and grow sustainably

Business success today relies on connectivity, collaboration and the capacity to make decisions in real time.


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This means that organisations that wish to remain competitive need to transform the way in which they work, in order to allow people to be productive from anywhere at any time. The key to success lies in the effective implementation of a digital workplace strategy, capable of driving operational efficiency and social connections.

This white paper provides insights into the digital workplace and looks at:

  • The definition of a digital workplace
  • Key players in the digital workplace space
  • The benefits of a digital workplace
  • Best practices when implementing a digital workplace
  • A digital workplace case study

Chapters list

Page 6 - Background

Page 8 - What exactly is a digital workplace ?

Page 10 - Key players in the digital workplace space

Page 13 - The benefits of a digital workplace

Page 19 - Best practices for setting up a digital workplace

Page 29 - Case study


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