Cyber World CleanUp Day

Because SQLI cares about digital responsibility, the Group naturally chose to play its part in the Cyber World CleanUp Day initiative, to raise awareness and encourage the cleaning up of data.

Data cleaning awareness

SQLI has taken part in Cyber World CleanUp Day, the digital version of the World CleanUp Day event (where citizens clean up beaches and streets, for example), since 2000.

Raising awareness about data cleaning means informing people about the impact of stored data on the environment and the masses of unnecessary data that can build up in the tools we use on a daily basis.

Good individual and collective practices

During the Cyber World CleanUp Day, SQLI organizes awareness-raising sessions for the entire Group via Teams, in order to provide individuals with the information they need to efficiently clean up their data and adopt good practices that will avoid it building up in the future.

With topics for specific tool types and business profiles, each person can select sessions they want to take part in, including emails, SharePoint spaces and servers.

It is also an opportunity to look objectively at the way we use our tools and rationalize their usage through automation. For example, this can involve automated cleaning of document versions, which can both considerably reduce the amount of data stored at any given time, and, above all, produce a lasting effect, as unused data will no longer be stored in the future.

Cleaning data: an annual challenge for the Group

For one week each year, employees are challenged to set up good practices and delete superfluous data. In 2021, the target was to clean up more than one terabyte of data. This target was exceeded through individual employee initiatives alone, and doubled when general initiatives for tools are taken into account.