Cyber World CleanUp Day

Because SQLI is concerned about digital responsibility, it was only natural for the company to participate in the Cyber World CleanUp Day project, which aims to promote awareness and encourage data cleanup.

Consciousness of data cleaning

Since 2000, SQLI has participated in Cyber World CleanUp Day, a digital equivalent of the World CleanUp Day event (when residents, for example, clean up beaches and streets).

Raising data cleaning awareness entails alerting people about the environmental impact of stored data as well as the massive amounts of needless data that can accumulate in the instruments we use on a daily basis.

Individual and group best practices

SQLI arranges awareness-raising sessions for the entire Group via Teams during the Cyber World CleanUp Day in order to educate individuals with the information they need to efficiently clean up their data and implement good habits that will prevent it from building up in the future.

Each user can choose whatever sessions they want to attend, including emails, SharePoint spaces, and servers, because there are subjects for specific tool types and business profiles.

It's also an opportunity to look objectively at how we utilize our tools and, through automation, rationalize how we do so. For example, automated document version cleaning can significantly lower the quantity of data stored at any one time while also having a long-term effect, as useless material will no longer be stored in the future.

Data cleansing is a yearly problem for the Group

Employees are challenged to establish good practices and eliminate unnecessary data for one week each year. The goal for 2021 was to clear up over one terabyte of data. Individual staff initiatives alone exceeded this goal, which was quadrupled when general tool initiatives were factored in.