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Disability awareness & inclusion

Non-discriminatory hiring and disability awareness & inclusion are an integral part of the Group’s recruitment policy.

Disability awareness-raising

Talentéo: an inclusive partner

SQLI has built a strong partnership with the inclusive media firm Talentéo over the years. This partnership enables:

  • employees to express their ideas on the topics of disability, recruitment, integration and, of course, workplace experience;
  • publication of all job offers at SQLI, which are all open to candidates with a disability.

European Disability Employment Week (EDEW)

SQLI has taken part in European Disability Employment Week since 2019. Each year, a dedicated communication and awareness-raising plan is deployed at Group level. During this week, SQLI also highlights its non-discriminatory hiring policy and its various positions to be filled.


SQLI’s aim is to help employees improve their knowledge of various disabilities and ways in which workstations can be adapted to aid the integration of people with disabilities. Employees are given a fuller understanding of both visible and invisible disabilities through practical examples.

Handikart: learning about disabilities through gaming

In 2019, during European Disability Employment Week, SQLI organized two activities: ‘HandiKart’ and ‘HandiQuizz’. The Group’s agencies competed in a Mario Kart competition with added challenges. Playing alone and then in teams, competitors had to learn to cope with simulated disabilities as they tried to win (inverted controls, playing with a single hand, sharing of controls as a team, and playing blind with a guide).

The final round of the competition was held at the Levallois agency, in the presence of Paralympic table tennis champion Maxime Thomas, who talked about his career as a high-level athlete with SQLI’s employees, after challenging the bravest of them to take him on at the table.

Alongside this, a quiz was run throughout the week that gave employees a chance to test their knowledge of various disabilities.

Escape Game: a multiverse where disabilities are the norm

In 2020, SQLI created a fully-customized digital escape game. On each day of the European Disability Employment Week, players could explore a new world where disability was the norm. To reach the destination of their journey through the multiverse, travelers had to adapt to five worlds dedicated to dyslexia, visual impairments, ADHD, Asperger syndrome and multiple sclerosis.

In order to be able to solve the puzzles and better understand these invisible disabilities, dedicated information about one of the disabilities was sent to the Group’s employees each day.

Supporting disability-friendly organizations

In line with its policy of non-discrimination and disability awareness & inclusion, SQLI gives priority to organizations that promote the employment of people with disabilities (known as ‘Établissements de Service et d’Aide par le Travail’ and ‘Entreprises Adaptées’ in France) when purchasing various types of services and supplies.