[Replay] How to build a winning unified commerce strategy

2020 represented a new decade for the digital world, but this has been a particularly challenging year due to the global pandemic.

The world economy is under pressure and at the same time we are witnessing a tremendous acceleration in digital commerce. Some of our customers in the retail industry have seen their online sales multiplied by 10 since March, a growth level they never experienced before. For many retailers like JouéClub, Unified Commerce has become the corner stone of a winning digital strategy in a very complex environment for two reasons:

  1. The end customer has become very difficult to capture, convert and retain
  2. The digital ecosystem in Unified Commerce is increasingly hard to master, making the ROI goal an even greater challenge to meet

The key question is: “How can you build your Unified Commerce strategy to ensure business success for the coming years?”  


Watch the replay

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