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Integration of a CRM in the existing ecosystem of Maïsadour

Organizations that expand need continuous improvement and regular modernization of their systems to make sure their activities keep on driving customer value. One of those organizations is Maïsadour with its subsidiary MAS Seeds. By providing some best practices for a cloud CRM and successfully running additional improvement projects, SQLI came at the perfect timing for Maïsadour!

MAS Seeds

Maïsadour is a French cooperative group with more than 8000 members. MAS Seeds, part of the Maïsadour group and specialist in seeds for field crops and forages, is one of the European leaders in the breeding and production of hybrid corn and oilseed seeds. They offer innovative protection solutions to meet the need of farmers. 

Implementing a cloud CRM

The implementation of a cloud CRM that can be mobile and offline, integrated in the existing ecosystem of Maïsadour, would make the sales forecasts more reliable and will help with the monitoring, promotion and sales, analysis of variances, data collection and processing while offering to every sales representative a convenient and reliable tool anywhere and anytime. 


In 2019, before going live with the project SQLI had a workshop to identify the needs for MAS Seeds. They concluded the implementation of SAP C4C Sales cloud should help Mas Seeds with: 

  • A 360° view of customers 
  • A catalog tool for your sales & product  
  • A planning tool for activities & visit 
  • A target tool for sales 
  • Clear reports and dashboards of sales & activities metrics 


In 2020 SQLI implemented SAP C4C sales cloud and it could go live. They also helped with the outlook integration of the CRM. Until today they still give support and do maintenance. Next to that SQLI also provides continuous improvements to the CRM such as an improved reporting and a brand-new homepage with KPIs and convenient tools allowing users to better steer their business.  

Other improvements are foreseen in the future with the goal to keep on making dashboards, reportings, support on C4C adaptations, upgrades and strategic topics better. MAS Seeds already let us know the CRM implementation gave them a lot of benefits. Such as: 

  • Increased team productivity 
  • Reduction of manual tasks 
  • Data quality improvement 
  • Increased margin of +1.5% 

We can conclude the challenge is accomplished and Maïsadour is one of the lucky ones to profit of SQLI’s expertise. Also interested in an integration with post implementation support or curious what SQLI has to offer you? 

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