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Etex provides a wide range of sustainable building materials, through several brands that are distributed worldwide. The group has successively acquired brands with their own websites, built on different foundations with varying levels of sophistication.

Following the Covid crisis, the executive management team of Etex made several functional decisions. Their priority was set on establishing an ambitious digital roadmap, involving e-commerce and the long-term goal of creating a single. Because of the strong partnership with SAP and the SQLI Belgium’s expertise and extensive experience they reached out for help.

Our goal

SQLI to the rescue

Etex wants one coherent platform across all countries and brands. The creation of an MVP will establish a single e-commerce portal that gathers all of the group's brands and also serves all of its markets.

Time to market is crucial

SQLI created an MVP for one country and one brand using SAP Commerce Cloud with a B2B accelerator in less than 5 months. Starting with e-commerce, especially in a B2B context, always lead to new insights about the internal order fulfilment process. And this is exactly what this MVP enabled Etex to do: start e-commerce activities and discover along the way what processes were needed to be reviewed internally in order to streamline this new channel. The designed UX and storefront, focused on operational efficiency, was found very effective by Etex, and therefore they decided to roll-out the platform ‘as is’ to other country markets. As a result, they could profit from an effective e-commerce foundation within the Information System which should strengthen their digital sales channels.

SQLI is very proud of their accomplishments. Now, Etex can provide a premium customer experience that is coherent across all countries and brands. So, we can say: mission accomplished!

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