GDPR compliance

A few years on from the introduction of the GDPR, the situation is undeniable: there are more and more complaints being made to the French data protection authority, with consumers being very vigilant about the protection of their personal data and its use by companies. In 2020, 171 million euros of fines were handed out in relation to the GDPR.

But rather than seeing this regulation as a constraint, it is strategic to see it as holding some real opportunities for your business. Ensuring compliance with the GDPR is a chance to:

  • Consolidate your data governance
  • Improve risk management and the quality of your data
  • Optimize your resources and skills (human resources, techniques, tools and partner contracts)
  • Create value through better control of your core business processes
  • Build a lasting client relationship based on trust and transparency

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Support across all stages of ensuring GDPR compliance

Because personal data is now a vital consideration for businesses, our data consultants and experts are there to help you to start and follow through all of the steps on your path to GDPR compliance:

  • Training and informing staff
  • Setting up the record of processing activities
  • Identifying risks
  • Setting up an action plan
  • Anonymizing/pseudonymizing data

A portal developed with Talend

SQLI has joined forces with leading Big Data and data integration company Talend to develop a solution for the digitalization of the GDPR request handling process.

When you implement this kind of solution, your clients have a portal with intuitive user design that allows them to access their personal data. They can interact with this data themselves in accordance with the rights covered by the GDPR: the right to be forgotten, right of access, right to rectification and right to data portability. In addition, your company's controller can not only more easily manage the flow of requests and processing times, but also analyze and check requests before triggering automated processing, notably collaboratively.



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