SQLI and Talend team up to improve the customer experience by digitalising GDPR requests

A new end-to-end solution for B2C companies

The issue of personal data was a key concern in 2020, which is why SQLI has launched a digital solution for responding to GDPR requests, in partnership with Talend (NASDAQ: TLND), a world leader in data integration and integrity. This new, customisable portal is a data governance tool that aims to encourage B2C companies to address the issue of personal data and subsequently improve their relationship with their end customers.

Strengthening customer relations by automating how businesses respond to GDPR requests

2020 saw several large-scale cyber attacks targeting customer data as well as the first sanctions handed out by the French National Data Protection Commission. Almost 3 years after the GDPR came into effect, consumers are more concerned than ever about how their personal data is protected.

As it stands, GDPR requests made by consumers are dealt with manually and require multiple actions, especially when data is spread out across various business applications. This results in long processing times, a high risk of human error and a rush to comply with the one-month deadline. The whole process is onerous and expensive: Gartner estimates that the average cost of a data subject access request is €1,400.

According to a study by Talend updated in 2019, “58% of surveyed businesses (64% in France) failed to address requests made from individuals seeking to obtain a copy of their personal data within the one-month time limit set out in the General Data Protection Regulation.”

SQLI and Talend noticed that companies are not sufficiently equipped to efficiently handle these requests. In addition to optimising how GDPR requests are handled and making the whole process more reliable, the solution marketed by SQLI and Talend also allows business to further better the experience and improve customer relations.

Applying data governance to personal data

SQLI and Talend have combined their expertise to design a tailor-made portal based on data detection and integration technology. This end-to-end solution allows consumers to easily exercise their rights to access, rectify, transmit and erase their data. The processing of these requests will be automated thanks to automatic data flows and workflow tools linked to the companies’ business applications through APIs. Since these requests are automatically transferred by the IT system, the data search process becomes much more streamlined.

Mathieu Rouly, GDPR Digitisation Manager at SQLI says:“Talend offers an innovative and comprehensive approach to data governance. It was perfectly suited to our solution, which we believe will offer considerable value to companies dealing with data subject access requests. “

SQLI and Talend’s joint solution breaks down the barriers to GDPR compliance,” explains Frank Thomas, EMEA Head of Channels and Alliances at Talend. “We are delighted to support SQLI’s initiative to simplify data governance.“

On top of GDPR compliance, the solution also helps build consumer trust in businesses' ability to store, protect and use their data in accordance with the law.

SQLI and Talend will hold a webinar on 9th February 2021 to present the solution in further detail.