Talend and SQLI Unveil a New Cloud-Based 360° Customer Portal for Better Consumer Confidence in the Context of GDPR Requirements

Solution Provides a Personal Data Management Portal and Allows Organizations to provide an Interface for Opt-in Consent and Privacy Rights ObligationsTalend (NASDAQ: TLND), a global leader in cloud data integration solutions, and SQLI, a digital services group, today announced a cloud-based solution to enable organizations to manage data privacy requirements in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This solution from Talend and SQLI allows organizations, through a 360°customer view, to set up a portal to access personal data so that they can regain control over their data by asserting their right to be forgotten, access and rectification, and portability, as well as management of their consent. This solution allows businesses to establish a relationship of trust around personal data with their customers.The GDPR, applicable since May 25, 2018, considerably strengthens the rights of individuals to dispose of their personal data.

Thus, any person residing in the European Union whose personal data is held by an organization may invoke the various articles to gain access to such data, request deletion of such data or the right to be forgotten (Article 17), or claim the portability of the data (Article 20). A company that fails to meet its obligations under GDPR could face a fine of up to 4% of its annual worldwide turnover.Many reports have highlighted the operational challenges associated with GDPR compliance. According to a study by Boston Consulting Group, 62% of French respondents think that companies are not honest about the use of data. And only 14% trust companies to make good use of personal data.1

"Beyond the strictly legal challenge of the GDPR, the regulation is a real opportunity for companies to establish a relationship of trust around users' personal data. And one way to do that is to allow people to regain control of their data," said François Mero, General Manager EMEA, Talend.

“With this joint solution, Talend and SQLI give our customers the ability to comply with the GDPR, but also to build a trusted system with their users. This is a significant step forward in the implementation of data governance and customer relationship programs.”

To help people access their personal data, Talend and SQLI have combined their skills to implement a cloud solution, hosted on AWS and fully integrated, that allows companies to connect their data hub, which reconciles the data with an operationalization of user requests, through an interface for managing consent and privacy rights.Through this unique alliance, Talend and SQLI offer a solution for:

  • Capture, record and reconcile personal customer data.
  • Control, share and get the most out of personal data, in full compliance, around a 360° view.
  • Transform regulation into a vector of trust and customer service, based on the user portal.

Talend's solutions, such as Talend MDM, allow explicit consent to be managed, propagated within customer-oriented applications and implemented data services enabling the right to be forgotten, the right of access and the right of rectification, as well as the ability to enforce the right to data portability. Based on Talend's technology, SQLI has developed a portal using its skills from UX design / Design to solution integration.

"We built this solution for our clients so they could take advantage of the opportunities offered by the GDPR. We designed it by following our conviction: tomorrow's challenges are intimately linked to the appropriate and centralized management of data, notably the management of Data Lake. Talend is the most relevant partner to address these future issues. Indeed, Talend’s proximity with customers, its expertise and vision of data being in phase with ours, led us to work together on this project. For any organization, the implementation of this platform can be a real accelerator of compliance and better communications with customers", said Eric Doladille, Deputy Managing Director, Global Delivery & Solutions, SQLI.

For more information on Talend and SQLI's joint solution, please visit www.sqli-enterprise.com/solutions/data-et-analytics/rgpd or register to the live webinar, “RGPD:Pérennisez la confiance de vos clients et employés”, on Thursday, June 14, 2018 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm CEST.

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1“Leveraging GDPR to Become a Trusted Data Steward”, Boston Consulting Group, March 2018