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Use technology to accelerate your company's digital transformation: custom applications, external service centers, cloud migrations, application management, and hosting, to name a few. 

Our finding

An increasing number of tools go unadopted

The digitization of tools and procedures within businesses has resulted in an explosion of applications, many of which were created without the involvement of end users. As a result, these solutions aren't widely embraced because they aren't tailored to how they are really used (especially for mobile solutions). 

For IT departments, the technological obsolescence and heterogeneity of these apps can be a serious burden. Changing their features is typically complicated and uneven, and it takes much too long to deploy for end customers. 

  • What is the best way to deliver a digital solution that satisfies the needs of your target audience? 

  • How can you manage your application fleet in a cost-effective and efficient manner? 

  • How do you keep your applications evolving while maintaining a competitive time-to-market? 


Our approach


Our technology vision is neutral, pragmatic, and user-centered. This is ingrained in our DNA. 

We build technical environments for scalable platforms and custom solutions, including online and mobile apps, native Cloud apps, solution integration, and IS middleware integration. Because of the engagement and competence of our teams of digital enthusiasts, business value is our top focus. 

To make conceptualizing, structuring, and implementing digital transformation easier, we employ techniques. 

Thirty years of belief in a user-centric approach

We've made it our mission since the 1990s to place the user at the center of even the most technological of our designs. Our driving approach is to provide value to people by striking the correct balance between their needs, business difficulties, and IT obstacles. 

Our teams work on initiatives in three major areas to achieve this: 

  • User experience (UX), especially when combined with a Design Thinking approach 

  • Agility in understanding and meeting the needs of business teams 

  • For continuous deployment and delivery, technology, tools, and methodologies (DevOps, DevSecOps) are employed. 

“SQLI’s strength is unquestionably its focus on the user experience. They know how to listen to future users and gain a true understanding of their needs. SQLI’s team planned ahead and, more importantly, got us involved in the process, before the project even began! We prepared our specifications and SQLI arrived with models in support of their proposals: their added-value is being able to transform needs into solutions.” »

Cyndie Boivin, Performance Project Manager – SUEZ

Cyndie Boivin Performance Project Manager – SUEZ

Digital service centers to manage all of your applications

Working with an external service center could provide several benefits if your organization has a large number of applications that use multiple technologies. 

Our service centers (in France, Morocco, and Mauritius) allow you to entrust the management of your applications to a single partner, providing assistance ranging from advising and design through implementation and optimization. What are the advantages? In a comprehensive approach that stresses innovation, we can achieve competitive time-to-market and optimal service quality.

Our products and services 

Creating custom apps to meet your unique requirements that aren't addressed by prepackaged solutions on the market. 


Setting up digital service centers for companies with a significant number of complex applications that use multiple technologies


Cloud migration consulting and assistance, as well as the creation of the finest cloud computing architecture. Cloud-based application development. 


Choose the right technology to fit your needs, and we'll help you understand the many methods and breakthroughs. 


Standardized implementation, support, and maintenance services for the most popular e-commerce software platforms, including PIM, DXP, DAM, and CMS. 


Integrating Agile and Lean methodologies to deliver high-quality projects on time, within budget, and within scope. 


In this dynamic digital era, ensure the stability and dependability of all future releases for your platform, as well as your brand reputation and company continuity. 




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