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Luxury brand Cointreau was ready to strengthen its connection with today’s digital customers even more. Therefore, they defined a strategy to adapt the Cointreau website’s cocktail experience from a UX point of view and drive bartender preference. Because of our successful 5+ years partnership with Cointreau, we were asked to assist in reaching this end goal!

UX and UI

After several years of good service, the digital experience on the Cointreau website could use a revamp and an update. For this they asked our support and advice for their cocktail portal and future optimizations. Drawing on our previous experience with Cointreau, we were confident in our ability to tackle their new technical and brand requirements and lead them in the right direction to achieve their goals. 

Thanks to great cooperation and suggestions for UX and UI, we brought the cocktail experience to a whole new level with a renewed website and cocktail search tool that reflects their image, vision and mission. With our ongoing maintenance and innovation, Cointreau is definitely ready for the future!   

A 3-step process is how we made it possible 

The focus of the update was on optimal user experience. Convenience, efficiency and presence were the words to keep in mind throughout the whole process. The process existed out of 3 steps: 

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A website is at the center of all customer touchpoints. Per phase of the customer journey, the right landing page needs to be at hand. Together with Cointreau we gathered our knowledge about what happens on these landing pages and how the flow could work in the future. We put our heads together and worked out a possible experience based on our expertise.  

For the main audience of Cointreau, efficiency is key. They want the information fast, stated in a clear and comprehensive way and not too much hassle. We took this and our other findings into account and decided how to upgrade the cocktail experience to its best version, always keeping the goals of Cointreau in mind.  

Step by step, we started building user flows, wireframes and high-fidelity mockups. The efficiency that our customer wanted, but also the useability of the interface was a priority in our cocktail portal. Several other important components are the following: 

  • A direct access search tool, made sticky at the top of the navigation 
  • An introduction of your favorite cocktails based on your likes 
  • A link to all cocktails where you can use an advanced and easy filter system 
  • Tips & tricks where you can learn to mix like a pro  

Together with our team, we tested the proposals and refined them further into the final high fidelity & interactive prototypes. 

Want to know more about a UX and UI process by SQLI: check out our whitepaper. It contains our flow, tips and tricks and additional real-life examples

Mobile first, SEO and easy navigation? Check! 

The main ambition of Cointreau was to lead the cocktail culture. Together, we reached their goal by considering the exploding increase in mobile internet usage. The website was made for mobile use first, and then later for desktop. This way, the basic functions and features could be organized and structured on mobile.  

A second goal was to attract visitors, foodies & beverage lovers, who are actively searching for cocktail recipes and inspiration thanks to great SEO. Therefore, we let them engage with the website content; for example, the cocktail search tool which has several filters to find their favorite cocktail with Cointreau as fast as possible. 

Last but not least, we created an easy navigation via the search tool, so customers need fewer clicks to find the page they want. That is how we keep the bounce rate as low as possible.  

Cocktail wizard illustrations

In the end Cointreau was very happy with the result we delivered. That’s why a new project for Cointreau is already in the pipeline. What can we say? Happy users make happy clients, and ultimately a happy SQLI! Stay tuned to see what’s coming. 

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