Carve-out from Delhaize to start in an independent way

Breaking away from the herd is never easy, which is why Tom&Co contacted SQLI to hold the reins on their switch to their own independent business systems. Partially based on known processes whilst keeping to very strict deadlines, SQLI introduced several SAP solutions to facilitate the transition.

Tom&CO is a Belgian pet shop retailer which used to be an affiliate of the major Belgian retail group Delhaize-Ahold. In 2017 however, a management buy-out made Tom&Co an independent retailer, which meant it had to start distinguishing itself from its mother hen. Sounds easier said than done; with more than 150 stores spread out over Belgium, you need a performant system that is easy to implement, and to use.

Tom&CO Carve-out from Delhaize to start in an independent way

The goal?

Our challenge

SQLI received the following wish list from Tom&CO in order to assist them in this business transition and transformation:

  • For their financial and business support, they decided to carve out what they needed from the existing Delhaize SAP system, which was a very complex architecture with several systems and external applications within the Delhaize Group.
  • At the same time, they wanted a new independent Retail Supply System (GOLD), which needed to be interfaced with the aforementioned financial SAP system.
  • Assurance of a transition period between the roll-out of the new systems and the old ones.
  • Strict deadlines with financial penalties in case they were not respected.

The solution?

Our recipe for success

SQLI set to work and devised a system that met all the requirements set by Tom&CO and Delhaize:

  • Carve-out from the Delhaize Group systems for standard SAP modules
  • New logistic and invoice integration solutions for SG&A, using MM-VIM
  • Integration of a completely new Supply Chain process
  • Implementation of a sales module adapted to T&C Business, in SD
  • Implementation of a simplified SAP system
  • New SAP company integration with Anistores
  • Documentation and user training

Our dedicated SQLI worked tirelessly to deliver all aspects of this complex project in time and according to the client’s needs, getting rid of all the specifics Delhaize used in their system and making sure that the new technical and financial interface from and to SAP – which we built from scratch – met the Tom&CO prerequisites as well.

Best in show: the result 

In the end SQLI was able to roll out the whole project in under 12 months - puppysteps are the safest in these cases – including the automation and stabilizing the entire Distribution Center (DC) & Direct Store Delivery (DSD) workflows through all the applications, the SAP integration of new stores in the system (hello, built for growth in the future), and ultimately the acceptance of the whole new system by both the business and system users. High hoof to that! 

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